Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 10/5/14

This was my best week in awhile I made over $300 which is very good for me. I had an average of 380 listings this week too. My avg sale price was $26/item. I don't know if it is fourth quarter sales, or just the fact that I listed over 80 new items recently.

I'm still working with cell phone pics while listing as I'm trying to get a good deal on a new-to-me camera.

While my number of sales was low, each item had a higher sale price. Fewer cha-chings, but more $$$. That's fine with me! 

Here are some of my sales this week:

Men's reversible 4XL Oscar the Grouch Sweatshirt Paid $6 Sold about $37

Paid $3 sold $39.50
I bought this percolator and and another with two extra cords on an online estate auction through Proxibid. These come up around here every once in awhile. You bid, pay and go pick up the stuff, super simple and usually much cheaper than an estate sale. It's also where I bought the serger and silver plate I mentioned last week. It sold at 6:45am on Friday, to a fellow east coast resident. I imagine the buyer's regular pot broke that morning so he quickly logged on and bought a new one. This is a very nice percolator by Sunbeam.

My best sale of the week came from my personal account. 
I listed this when I first started seriously selling, it's been sitting all summer obviously.
I took an offer of $75 for this Spyder brand youth jacket. 
It's a nice high end ski jacket brand. I paid $4 at an estate sale back in April or May. 

I sold some more of the oil paints from the lot I bought a while back
Lot of 12 - Sold $49 So far I've made $109 on my $24 investment - I'll take it! I still have some others listed. 

This weekend has been quiet on eBay. We'll see what today brings! How was your week? 

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  1. What great sales! I agree less cha-chings but more $ is awesome! I have always loved Oscar the grouch