Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 10/19/14

I made just under $300 this week. A solid Sunday and Monday and then very slow the rest of the week with just some smaller sales.

The buyer never paid for the serger last week, grrrr, and after a couple messages back and fourth I opened an UPI case. Sometimes they are very honest, "I need to wait til payday" I have no problem with this, but other times people are just wacky. Anyway, I'll relist it next week.

Here's some of my sales from this week as always shipping is not included unless I indicate F/S.

This jacket sold twice this week - the sizing looked off when I went to ship it the first time and I realized it was a large not an extra large. The buyer was very nice about my mistake. It sold again as a large a few days later. 
Military Issue BDU (I recommend putting "paintball, hunting" in the title of these)
Paid $2.50 Sold $20

Took a best offer of $15 on this crocheted Granny poncho shawl'
Paid $2

Lillian Vernon Christmas mug set
Paid $1.50, Sold $16

I paid $10 for this lot at a yard sale. I love the show, and although it was a little more than I wanted to pay, I knew they would sell as the new season just started.
Sold $30 

Lastly, this White Stag skort sold after being listed for about a week. It had several watchers. Someone on their blog (Who are you? Sorry I can't remember), mentioned White Stag a while back, which is why I picked up this Wal-Mart brand. 

I paid $2, sold for $14.50

Here is the ad that was coming up under my listing

Joke's on you Wal-Mart.

I know some of you have mentioned a slower week too. Hopefully things pick up again this week. I hit up a few yard sales today, my sourcing experiment starts tomorrow where I will only be buying from the Goodwill Outlet for three weeks. Stay tuned for updates on that!!

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  1. Hah! I love that you sold your skirt for more than Walmarts. Can't wait to hear how your experiment goes.