Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sourcing Experiment

I'm going to do a sourcing experiment over the next three weeks and see if its a sustainable model for me. There are two Goodwill outlets within a 40 minute drive from my house. My plan is to thrift only one day a week for the next three weeks at these two stores (rotating each week). Then list the items I buy that day over the following two days. So essentially I will work three days a week, (except for shipping).

The idea is that sourcing this way will help streamline my eBay business.
-It will cut down on my Costs of Goods Sold dramatically as these outlet stores are very cheap.
-It will keep me on a schedule (right now my sourcing is very haphazard).
-Even though they are both 20 miles away, I think I will actually save gas by having one sourcing stop, and not driving around to a million yard sales and different stores.
-This will force me to diversify. If I challenge myself to source one day a week from one location I will need to learn about new brands and popular vintage items.

Today I went to the Goodwill Outlet in Hampton again. This trip encouraged me that it could be possible to sustain my business long term through only shopping at the GWO. I had some good finds.

I FINALLY found a LPS toy that wasn't a happy meal toy. It's selling for about $7. Since you pay by the pound at the GWO I probably paid $.03 for this:
So Flippin' Cute

I was specifically looking for plaid and wool as they are both trending right how. I came across this adorable GAP Kids wool tweed and plaid vest. 
Lil' Hipster

So that's the plan. The funny thing is I went to the one outlet today, and I'm trying to convince myself its necessary to go to the other store tomorrow just to get the lay of the land before I start my experiment. Haha, that stinks of thrift store withdrawl... which I honestly think will be the biggest challenge from this whole experiment. Only thrift shopping once a week! Could you do it?

On a side note did you know Goodwill has it's own auction site? Whaaat? Holy cow check out some of those listings! Who donates diamonds to the Goodwill?!?

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