Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sourcing Experiment What?

Okay, so experiments are about learning, and sometimes they fail. This one sure did. There were way to many barriers to me getting to the Goodwill Outlet this week. So instead I sourced at Best Thrift (because I had a $10 off coupon), and Second Chance Thrift (where I earned a $20 coupon).

I think if I lived closer to the GWO it would be totally possible to source entirely from there. Have you seen Maxine the Full Time Ebay Seller's blog? She makes great money and does all her sourcing from the GWO.

Maybe in the future I'll revisit this experiment... but for now I'm busy with my eBay plan...


  1. Wow, congrats on the new plan! That's fantastic!

    We have a GWO about 15 minutes and it's great but the downside is ... I can kill 3-4 hours there waiting for things to come out and it's a big gamble. It seems like the quality of items is getting worse - lots of paint/stains/holes and the nuggets are getting harder to come by. We also have a huge Spanish contingent that buys during the week and sells at the flea market on the weekends for cash turn around. The current manager is "in their pocket" so I'm hoping at the end of the year when a new manager comes along, things will be different. All that to say - don't worry about missing your GWO. LOL

    1. Yes, there are a few downsides to the GWO, we have flea market folks at this one too, and I have seen literal fights break out over the bins.
      Its a forty minute drive and I have to go through a tunnel which can easily make it a two hour drive. So I'll just save it for every once in awhile.