Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sourcing Experiment Week One

So my goal was to shop the Goodwill Outlet one day a week for the next three weeks, and see if it was sustainable, vs going to many different thrift stores throughout the week.

I drove to the "other" outlet yesterday, and it was just a regular Goodwill! Bummer!!! The day before, I'd heard about a new-this-year thrift store in Norfolk. I left and made the decision that I would source there for this week of the experiment. I got some really good deals, in fact it was like the thrifting Gods had diverted me from my experiment on purpose.

I immediately liked the place. The price tags were actually barcoded tags and stickers, unlike most stores around here who use grease pencil, or sticker gun stickers. The best thing is they have eliminated the need for their workers to go markdown the price of every item manually every week. How clever is this:
Hopefully the other thrifts around here catch on!
So since I went on the 21st I got this for $.99

 Here are some of my exciting finds:

Sears Sports Vintage Coat Paid $2
Check out that awesome "SR" Zipper Pull!

Vintage 1980's VALENTINO Miss V Silk Skirt
I was on my way to the checkout and saw this beautiful skirt. 
I did a double take when I saw the tag.
Paid $4

This is one of two Tommy Bahama shirts I picked up.
This one is Limited Edition/Modern Fit
Paid $2

Retroneu Flatware
I have three lots of this pattern listed now. The dinner forks are selling for $19! The spoons will still make me a good profit but not as good as those forks. Paid $10 for about 50 pcs.

Week One Roundup
Spent: $73
Sold: Haven't sold any of the items yet

So, no more sourcing until next week! Eek. Will I be able to resist the yards sales on the way to soccer on Saturday?


  1. Nice finds! It would be so hard to shop one day a week!! I have certain stores that I HAVE to make the rounds at every week. lol. Grocery shopping is made bearable because I have a Goodwill right next door. :)

  2. I like the wide aisles. I haven't been there in a long time but I know I've never left empty handed : )

    LOVE the Valentino skirt - sweet find!