Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 10/16

I made $475 this week. I'm very happy with that number. $97 of that was flatware. I think people are filling out their sets for Thanksgiving. I also had one big sale that really boosted my total. It was a pair of my own boots. They were special to me because they were a birthday gift the year I got married, and I actually got married in them. I never wanted to sell them, but I was one of those people who's feet grew during pregnancy, so it was a real bummer but these boots just did not fit anymore. 

Corral Vintage goatskin leather with lizard inlay boots
Sold within two weeks for $165
This is a good example of not undercutting yourself on price. 
Ask what you know they are worth!

I've consistently sold mugs and flatware the past two weeks. 
Fall means cool weather, and family meals.

I sold these Reed and Barton teaspoons for a best offer of $27
Yes, $27 dollars for five spoons!! Ahhh I LOVE selling flatware.

I'd had this Strawberry Shortcake mug listed for a long time, I paid $.45. It sold on sale for $21.24

NWT Paradise Found Men's 4XL Hawaiian Music Shirt
I can imagine a cool blues musician wearing this shirt.
I always pick up 4XL shirts in good condition, and they always sell.
Paid less than $4, Sold $39.99 a week later

IBM Selectric Typewriter Manual and six typing balls
I bought an IBM Selectric months ago, it came with these typing balls and the manual. I paid $11 for it as CHKD. I was SO excited about it. I was going to keep it for myself, but it worked for literally two minutes. Long enough to plug it in and get excited. Sigh. They sell broken for $50 bucks, and working for over $200. I re-donated the broken typewriter, but kept and sold this lot to salvage the $11
Sold $45

So that sums up my sales this week. I did not stop at the yard sales Saturday, although there were MANY. It was difficult. But I'm trying to balance my time and sticking with my plan for the next two weeks. I'd love to hear how your week was!


  1. Love the boots! And I woulda tossed the typewriter. Glad you could make something on it :D

  2. Nice chunk of dough! Keep up the great work!!!