Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Difficult Buyer

**Mugs and other small breakables may be shipped in a priority flat rate envelope, after being wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard, if you prefer another method please message me for a revised invoice before paying**

This is part of what I paste into every listing. It costs $11 to send a mug from Virginia to California. I'd much rather use the flat rate envelope method, but I do understand that it's been a problem for some people, which I why I put it in my listing. I've never had a mug arrive broken, and I've always shipped in a box when asked by the buyer to do so.

I made a mistake when listings three identical mugs this past summer. I listed two together, and then used the "sell similar" button for the listing of the single mug. Today someone bought the mug (the single mug pictured) but the listing said "pair of two"

When I realized my mistake I messaged the buyer. To be honest I find most eBay buyers to be understanding (also they usually just look at the pictures so I was assuming she saw the one mug pictured) so I quickly sent off this note:

Hi I just saw that there is a mistake in this listing and that it says that there is a pair of mugs. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that it was only one mug..as pictured. I do have another listing with the two mugs but the price plus shipping will be higher. If I don't hear from you I'll assume the one mug is fine and I will ship it out tomorrow thank you.

While waiting for a response I saw that she left me positive feedback... oops her mistake.

THEN this was her response:

I did think I was purchasing 2 since it did advertise that it was for a pair, that's why I jumped at the chance to get them at the price listed. If it was only for one then I'm a little disappointed since it was advertising a pair at that low price. I don't feel I should have to pay more since the items for sale said a pair of 2 at $8.49. I don't know what to say about this situation. I'd accept a compromise of 1 mug but I want it shipped in a small box, not an envelope. Every mug I've ordered has been sent bubble wrapped in a small priority mail box and has arrived in perfect condition. I don't want it shipped in an envelope...that's only likely to arrive broken. And I won't pay more for the box that's my compromise if it's not sent as I requested I will file for false advertising and demand a refund and keep the one mug sent, since you advertisedon't it as selling a pair of 2.

I quickly refunded her, blocked her, and messaged her:

I've issued you a full refund via paypal. I'm sorry we could not complete this transaction. Thank you.

What do you think? What about her wording? If she had left negative would I have had a case to get her feedback removed, even with my mistake? If she hadn't accidentally left positive I would have been left kissing her butt, eating the cost of the mug, plus shipping to California. Yikes!


  1. I love buyers who leave positive fb. I don't often block buyers but that was definately warranted. It sounds like extortion to me :(

  2. It kills me when people want something for nothing. Good grief - she was going to compromise her integrity for a mug?! Good call - issue the refund and be done with that ugly person. And the mug deserves to go to a good home - not kidnapped via eBay!