Thursday, October 2, 2014

Broken Camera

I'm selling my broken camera for parts. It is a Canon PowerShot G12. Repair is close to $200 and I can buy a used one on ebay for $200-300, less if I'm lucky in an auction.

I have is listed for $99 F/S

Within an hour or so of listing I got this message from an eager buyer:

Hi there. Just wanted to follow-up on this broken camera. Typically these don't sell broken for anywhere near this. I understand it also has no accessories. If you'd like to do a deal today, I can go $50.00 for this... let me know, it's a very fair price for it broken with no accessories either. I also love leaving Perfect Feedback with 5 Stars across the board too. Let me know, thanks :-)

The buyer has over 1000 feedback (no sales) so it's obviously a buying ID. I was pretty offended because although I've been selling less than a year, I ain't no dummy!

"I love leaving perfect feedback" Barf! It's like a cheesy pick up line.

I wrote back and said I respectfully decline as I'd done my research and my asking price was perfectly reasonable..

Sold Listings for BROKEN G12 highest to lowest

How do you deal with folks like this?

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