Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 9/7/14

Happy Sunday! I'll jump right in with my sales. They were mostly on the smaller side this week.

I sold both of these Playmobil crows on tree perches this week. I think people are making their Halloween dioramas/dollhouse displays. 

Paid .10 each sold $3.99 each

I found this Pampered Chef Family Heritage "Seasoned" stoneware at the GW Outlet a month ago

My dad saw this in the back of my car and said "you're going to sell that nasty pan on eBay?"
I told him it's not nasty it's seasoned. I profited about $19 on it. I probably would not have bought it at a regular Goodwill, but because I was at the outlet I figured what the heck? I spent $9 that day and got this pan, a pizza stone, and quite a few other items. I really wish the GW outlet was closer! It is a 35 minute drive that can easily take 1.5 hours because you have to go through a bridge tunnel to get there. I learned recently that the GW outlet until a year ago was only three miles from where I live now!!! Ugh. 

This mug sold quickly for $14.99
It has a counterpart that says "Hell I'm Better" so look out for that one too.

I profited only $3 on this postcard of of the Roney Plaza Hotel in Miami Beach circa 1936
I'm a total sucker for this stuff even if I don't make decent money from it.
"Wish you were here to go in swimming with me" - ahh I love it!!!

I sold a baby food maker for $44, only to receive a message a few minutes later that they "accidentally pressed confirm" Does this drive you crazy or what? This happens regularly to me. I know you didn't accidentally press confirm, I know your child didn't get your phone, log on to eBay, and buy the item. I mutually cancelled the transaction. $44 is a nice chunk of change though... 

I hit up a "doll lady's" estate sale this week too. I bet she had 1,000 dolls easy. I don't know anything about them, and quite frankly am not interested in learning. I do like miniatures though, and bought a bunch of doll house furniture which I think I can make a decent profit on. 

Today is still young, so I'm hoping for some good Sunday sales!

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