Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 9/28/14

This week started off strong and then tapered down by the weekend. I had ten sales within the first three days, then nada except for one small sale on Saturday.

My camera broke! Ugh.. it's a quality camera that is worth having it fixed, but I haven't taken it to the repair shop yet. So frustrating. So, listing has slowed dramatically because I'm not happy with the quality of my cell phone pics. Also, it's much easier to take a bunch of pics with the digital camera and load them up all at once while listing.

I won some items at an online estate auction, and picked them up Saturday. Two of the items are pictured below. The serger and thread I'm asking $179 OBO for, I'll tell you what I paid after it sells:) I'm hoping the silver plate sells for the holiday season when people are trying to fill out their matching sets for fancy holiday dinners. I have it listed at $135. A larger set of the same pattern recently sold for $160ish. It's beautiful with very little wear.
Cell phone pics... booo.

I took some time this week and ordered a bunch of priority mailing boxes. Once they arrived I organized all my boxes (I keep them under the stairs), to get ready for this fourth quarter everyone keeps talking about! Also, a neighbor moved and had several cheap shelving units sitting by the curb. I scooped one up within an hour of the moving truck leaving, and put it in my eBay closet for inventory storage.

My best sale was this Angel Care Monitor (Recall Repaired) this was a personal item that we've outgrown. There was a recall with these monitors as they were being improperly installed and the cord was a hazard. The repair kit is the white tubing you see. You run the cord through there to prevent strangulation. The company sent the repair kit quickly. It sold through GSP. I had mixed emotions selling this, because if on the off chance we have another child I'll buy it again, I really liked it.

Sold for $45, I think I paid about $80 for it new last year
See the lovely cell phone pick? Luckily this kind of item the picture 
doesn't really effect the sale.

I also sold this very cool vintage Gilbert Frank polyester fabric. I had a little more than a yard.
Sold $18, paid $0! 
Got this at a yard sale where all the fabric was free with another purchase.
The buyer already left positive feedback that she loves it.
I've sold a few bits of fabric and I love it. SO EASY TO SHIP! 

I bought six of these glasses in the summer for $.44 ea
I sold 2x9.00 for $18.00 this week. 
In my research I found that Gala Biere Deluxe is a beer from Chad the country in Africa.

All in all it was a decent week. I made just short of $200. I spent about that sourcing this week though! I bought a few items at a higher price point than I normally would (the serger for example). We'll see how quickly this pays off. 

Saturday was my birthday and I was able to hit up a few yard sales in the morning. I got a few good things to resell and a few good things for the family as well. All in all it was a laid back and nice day.

I'd love to hear how your week was! Hopefully this week, and the start of October, will bring tons of sales for all! 


  1. Happy Birthday! I would imagine you would be able to get $135 easy for the silverware. I sold a similar set in May or June (I think) for a best offer of $100 within a week of listing. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! And yes fingers crossed on the flatware - would be nice to have that extra money to buy xmas gifts