Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sum it up Sunday 9/21/14

This week started out scary slow! I was pretty anxious about the lack of sales. I only made $8 on Tues/Weds. I honestly thought that I was going to have a week where I spent more on eBay than I made. I bought some books lots for the kids, and some spice jars for myself.

I'd spent $80ish dollars on new inventory at the beginning of the week and was getting worried! So I went on a listing spree - I now have over 350 items listed, up from just under 300 ten days ago. I listed some auctions, even two $.99 auctions! Can you believe it? I hate $.99 auctions, but I felt like something was wrong with my eBay store and wondered if it would help. (Both have bids already of course.) Well, something worked because by Thursday sales were looking up, and consistently on through the weekend as well.

I got these oil paints in July and they sold this week for $60. 

Grumbacher Max Water Soluble Oil Paints 

I also sold some flatware which had been sitting for a while. Back in the early summer I spent a lot of time buying and listing flatware. I've sold some, but not much recently. This was a nice little sale because I paid probably a $1 for the flatware.

Cambridge Apple - four knives and two spoons sold $22

Remember my CD experiment? I finally sold a CD! Haha, it took awhile:)

Signed CD Katie Herzig Watch Them Fall
Paid $1, Sold $15

On Friday I logged on to see that I was now a "PowerSeller" which to be totally honest really doesn't seem like a big deal to me. I'm not 100% on what it actually means, Can buyers even see it? Seems like TRS is more important? What do you more experience sellers think about it?

How was your eBay week? I'd love to hear if you had any great sales!


  1. Power seller is good in that it means your sales have gotten to a certain level, but I don't think it's anything that buyers see. The only thing potential buyers see is that TRS badge on listings. As far as sales, mine have been much slower this week, too. Hoping for lots of sales to finish out the weekend :)

    1. I've had a couple good sales today. Hope you have too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I still have a few more sets listed so Im really happy with that pick.