Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 9/14/14

With the start of school and germs abounding, we've been under the weather here. And apparently so has my eBay store. I only had 6 sales this week!

I profited about $7 on these Jordan onesies

By Thursday I'd only had two sales and was feeling concerned! And a little bit down about it.. why the slow sales? I don't know. Maybe just a case of "not having anything anyone wants right now" - I'm also consistently pricing my things on the high end of the spectrum now, so maybe the items are just slower to move. Either way the only cure for no sales is to list more. So, I got to listing, and listed about 25 items over the past two days, which is a lot for me.

I had to file my first USPS insurance claim for the seasoned stoneware I mailed out last week.

Picture from buyer.

I wrapped it in bubble wrap, then cut down a cardboard box and taped that around it, then I put it in a large flat rate game board box, and stuffed the spaces left with newspaper. I don't know what more I could have done. 

The buyer said this in her note:
You had packaged it so thoroughly, it must have been dropped in shipping more then once I would say.  

Since this is my first USPS insurance claim, can any of you tell me if they refund shipping plus the cost of the item? I refunded the buyer everything because I assumed that USPS does refund you shipping. Then I panicked because I realized it doesn't actually say that anywhere, and I might be out $36.

In eBay news:

Wow! I wanted to link to some of those listings, but I cannot sign into eBay this morning on my phone OR the computer... anyone else having that problem? I know some of us had a similar problem last week too.

This is a store I came across that is doing really well selling something that I always pass over while thrifting: linens!

I get totally overwhelmed when I see those racks with sheets hanging from hangers and the big yellow "sanitized" stickers on them (is that a Virginia thing?) And those bins full of cloth napkins? She's making a killing off vintage Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley. Evidently Croscill is a brand to watch for too. Most the other reseller's blogs I follow rarely feature linens that don't have a character on them (Snoopy, Harry Potter, etc) - so you may want to check out this lady's store. If this is your store I'd love some tips on what to look for in linens!

How was your week? Have you pre-ordered an iPhone 6 (haha)? Have you had success with linens?


  1. I had a pretty good week. As of a few minutes ago I can't sign in to ebay on my computer. I can still access it on my phone. I'm glad I got all of my shipping done yesterday for tomorrow.

    I buy a lot of character sheets. Ours aren't sanitized. I wonder if that is a result of the big bed bug problem a few years ago. Anyway, I also look for designer brands like Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley but I rarely find them. People like to replace pieces from patterns that are no longer made. I don't know if it is still true but vintage sheets were doing pretty well too. People like to mix and match vintage patterns in the same color family. I've sold lots of vintage pillow cases. You don't get a ton for them but sometimes you can't find them really cheap and they are easy to store and ship. Lastly crafters like vintage sheets both the character sheets and the other prints for crafts and sewing projects some of which you can find for sale on easy. Here is a snoopy dress on easy. One thing I don't like about sheets is that it is pretty hard to look them over and be 100% sure there are no stains or small holes. I usually have a disclaimer of some sort. Pillow cases are easier to assess. Hope ebay is back up for you and I both soon! They need to get their sh*t together before long. I've already been getting interest in holiday items.

    1. I can finally sign in! as of noon eastern time. Hopefully it didn't stop too many sales, but after my record this past week I doubt it, haha.

      Thanks for the info on the sheets I usually skim through for character sheets, but I'll check a little closer now for those brands.

      And that etsy listing is cute!

  2. My heart stopped a little yesterday when I found a Croscill bathroom accessory for 45 cents! But it had a chunk of a chip on the bottom so I passed. I did find a beautiful drapery scarf a few months ago . . . it's in storage somewhere . . .

    1. I'll have to keep my eye out for the brand now. So they sell like toothbrush holders and soap dishes too?

    2. I've never heard of this brand. Here are some accessories that sold. Check out the price!

    3. It's a whole brand for the home. My friend has her spare bedroom-bath done up in Chambord - bedding, drapes, shower curtain, towels, bath accessories, etc. Classic, pretty purples, swirls. She changes it out but it's still as pretty now as it was years ago.

  3. I have done a USPS claim. THey do refund original shipping....bummer it broke though. Sucks that your sales were down but sometimes its a blessing when you aren't feeling well. Hope you guys all feel better and sales pick up soon!

    1. Thank you! I think you're right is was nice not to have to work, It also motivated me to list some things that had just been sitting around.

      Glad to hear they do refund shipping!