Thursday, September 25, 2014


I mentioned a few days ago that I bought some new-to-me vintage spice of life spice jars off eBay. This is a picture of some of them:

Don't they look great?

While cleaning out the cabinet and spice rack I ended up with a bunch of empty spice jars. I didn't want to just get rid of them because they are so useful; but I'm a minimalist at heart so I looked them up on eBay to see if I could get some money for them. The short answer is yes I can. 

What the eBay?

Okay both these items have sold in the last 90 days. This is where I find myself asking, okay eBay what is your rhyme or reason? And of course we all know there is none, and the seller of the 28 jars obviously started his auction way too low.

This item had free shipping, but I still think you can get it way cheaper at the grocery store.. maybe it was an international buyer who cannot get Coriander in her country.

And lastly I found that the green top McCormick spice jars are 
very (as far as used spice jars go) popular.

Have you sold used spice jars on eBay? I'd love to hear your story.

My screenshots look different because I updated my eBay app. I'm not loving it. I miss the old app. I checked the reviews and seems like I'm not the only one. My biggest complaint is they took away "Reminders" from the home screen, where you could easily see what items need to ship.
Have you been using the updated app? Do you like it?


  1. I love spice jars! I think subconsciously I may have bought some this weekend because of your post! I found a boxful of vintage spice jars Made in Japan at a yard sale. The woman lived there for a few years in the 60s. Most of them had stoppers and there were several sold listings on ebay. They are in perfect shape and like most of the things I find, I will hold on for a bit before I list. She also had a cool mug (made in Japan) with a cute cat on it. Why I didn't buy it is beyond me - it was only 25 cents. BTW - I love the sunny yellow tops of your spice jars - such a happy color for the kitchen!

    1. I wish there was a way for you to post pictures in the comments I'd love to see the spice jars you bought! - and yes I've had a few of those moments where you wonder why didn't I just buy that?