Monday, September 22, 2014

Five Star Service

I like to collect and use these spice of life canisters...

So last week I ordered some spice of life spice jars from eBay. I bought two sets so I'd have a bunch. One set of five and one of six for about the same price.

Set one came in this box (wrapped in paper bags and peanuts)

Set two came in this box. Inside the envelope was a packing slip and nice note.

They both got positive feedback, but the second seller I left "best seller I've ever bought from" feedback. She was fantastic, and did not skimp on packing materials at all. 
I do think it's a seller's minimum responsibility to safely pack their product. I'm all for recycling packing materials as well, but in the case of the first box, I have to say I did laugh a little when I got it. The second seller went above and beyond! What you do you think?


  1. I'm glad you feel that way about the 2nd box. That's actually how I pack glass jars too.....I thought I was going overboard. I rarely re-use boxes like the Sketchers anymore. I just toss it in the regular recycle bin. Boxes are relatively inexpensive and they look so much nicer. But I do love the jars. They are cute and I'm glad they got there safely regardless :D

    1. thank you I realize I didn't actually put a picture of the spice jars, once I get them filled on the rack I'll post one.

  2. I must admit that I've done it both ways, but for the most part, I try to use the free priority boxes from USPS, and I always include a Thank you. It definitely looks more professional.

    1. I've done both ways, but I do include a note that says "I try to stay environmentally responsible and reuse packing materials whenever possible," because it's true, and because it might make the buyer think twice before leaving feedback that says "ghetto packing job"

      I did not realize that there were 7x7x6 priority boxes, so after I got that package today I went and ordered some. You can only order 10/day of that size though.