Thursday, September 18, 2014

Checking Other Seller's Sold Listings & WTE?!?

I sat down to write a post about how discouraged I was because I'd only made $8 in the last two days. Then, my neighbor rang the doorbell and I was talking to her for 30 minutes. Came back to finish my post and I'd sold a pair of Footjoy golf cleats, and a Scooby Doo mug! No sales for days, and then two in half an hour.

I'd been so discouraged this week I was checking other seller's stores to see how their sales were going. In general I wasn't seeing huge numbers so at least I knew my store wasn't "broken".

You can see what other sellers have sold by clicking on their name (we're looking at the huge seller Replacements Ltd) which takes you here:

When you get to this screen click on "Items for Sale" (Not Visit Store)

From there you will see the their main page

Scroll down the left side until you see "Show only" and click on "Sold Listings"

Then the sold listing will pop up
from there you can filter what you see by clicking on one of these:

If you are checking other seller's sales I would click "End Date: Recent First" which got cropped out above. This shows you what they sold in the past day (or whenever their last sale was) first.

My favorite filter when looking in general is Price + Shipping: highest/lowest depending what I'm in the mood for. Like right now I'd like to find a ridiculous listing since I didn't post a WTE?!? Wednesday post yesterday.

Here we go. Typos and the words "wife beater" in the title and it still got 23 bids and sold for $41.00
Something about this listing really irks me (probably the words wife beater)... These are A Shirts, although I'm sure using "wife beater" upped the views on this listing. 

When listing something that females would wear or want it is always women's as in belonging to or for women. Not womans or woman's as the contraction of "woman is", or belonging to one woman. That being said I take all kinds of language liberties in my listings to get the character count down. 

So have things been slow for you? Do you like to check other seller's stores? Do you have any typo/misspelling pet peeves? 

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  1. I had a few very good weeks, but this one has been slow. I do have a handful of sellers that I consider my 'mentors'. I check their solds often, just trying to learn about new items to sell, good key words, and prices.