Monday, September 1, 2014

August Money

I have mixed emotions about this month's money. I took two weeks off from selling. I had my store on vacation mode, still sold a few things while on vacation mode, and have sold consistently the past 10 days. So technically my store was only "open" for 18 days this month, and the numbers really reflect that.  So part of me is happy that I did well during that time, and the other part is like whoa those numbers are low!

But I started off September with a $100 sale of the Bodum coffee maker! 


# of Sales

Amount I spent on the items sold

Avg Cost of thrifted item

Amount of Sales

Avg Sale Price

Highest sold item
Bakelite Flatware set $100 Best Offer F/S

Lowest Sold Item
Playmobil Rifle $.99

Two refunds totalling $15 for broken items which I mentioned in a previous post
One mutually cancelled transaction from a buyer in a country I don't ship to

Last month’s goals:
Did not set any selling goals because of vacation

Goals for next month:
LIST LIST LIST! I want to be SELLING SELLING SELLING for the holidays, and it's now or never time.

Even if listing sounds SO INCREDIBLY BORING I will list.

Some of this month's sales:

Goodell Bakelite Flatware 
Best offer $100 F/S
I had it listed for $165 but since I paid $2 for the set at a yard sale and because it was the beginning of the month and things were summer slow, I took the best offer.

Croft and Barrow Purse with a really cool built in "wallet" in the front!
Paid $6 Sold $24.99

Amish Print Pyrex Dishes paid $6 sold $34.99

September here we come!!!


  1. Nice flip on the bakelite set. Hard to believe anyone would part with it for $2!! People just don't realize what hey have.

    1. Thanks! The lady was a former antiques dealer.. everything she had I could have bought and made lots of money off. I don't know why I didn't buy more. She had another set of flatware that I didn't look at closely and it has crossed my mind many times since then that maybe it was bakelite too.