Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 8/31/14

Things are picking up on eBay for me! I've had steady sales all week. Not huge money but enough to keep me motivated to keep on thrifting (listing is another issue).

I've changed my photos with a quick and simple fix I've added a touch of professionalism that wasn't there before.

Hallmark Fifth Wheel Ornament sold for $12.99 while on vacation

Napcoware Spring Angels sold for $14.99 yesterday

Can you see the subtle difference? All I did was tape a beige piece of  paper behind my photo surface, which is an ironing board. I'm blessed with gorgeous natural light in that room. I think it makes a big difference. That being said the before I think is perfectly fine compared to many of the photos I see on eBay.

For example:


Like I said sales really picked up this week, and I had a bunch of $20 sales:

I paid $2 at Habitat General Store

Free (gift that quickly got listed on eBay, sorry Grandma)

Free shipping, ended up making about $14 off these vintage magnets (remember these?)

Plus a few other $20 sales, which really add up!

I also sold this Snoopy spoon. I picked it up because I had done so well with Big Bird awhile back..

Not as valuable as the Sesame Street ones, 
but he sold for $9.99 which for a little spoon is big profit.

And ... They were Hot Wheels haha!

How was your week? Thank you for the comments this week! I truly felt welcomed back after being gone for almost two weeks. Thank you!


  1. The after photo does look better. Such a simple fix too! When I saw the magnets I though they were real full sized items! Glad to hear your sales are up. Mine have been trending upward too.

    1. Yes, so simple! just the cost of the paper, which I had already. Glad to hear other sales are going up too!

  2. My sales have gone up too...finally! August has been my best month so far, which is very unusual as summer is always so slow. BTW, the "after" pictures do look much better and such a simple fix. I like your idea of using the ironing board because it can be put away. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. Yes, the ironing board works well because that room is a bedroom too. Thank you, you too!

  3. An ironing board and a piece of paper - whodathunk! Genius!