Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Post Vacation Update

Hello! We're back from visiting family (and taking a break from being constantly connected). It was a wonderful feeling to not be connect to my phone constantly checking email, messages, and being continually distracted. I took some much needed time to relax, sit in nature, and read read read.

But this blog is about eBay, (not reading maybe another blog someday), and I did have a little action while I was on "vacation mode" - I had a total of 9 sales adding up to only about $100. I shipped them all out today, switched back my handling time and turned my vacation settings off.

While on vacation I only thrifted twice! The YMCA thrift store near my mom's house is an absolute wreck - I actually wrote the manager about it (have not heard back not surprising considering the state of the store). It really really bothered me, to the point that I couldn't even shop there.

Here are a few of my sales from the past ten days:

Clarks In Motion sold $20 + shipping 

Cups and Saucers Fire King Bonnie Blue
Sold $8.99 + shipping

Hot Wheels Storage Truck 
Sold $9.99 + shipping

I'm still unpacking and settling back in, when I feel like I'm not neglecting anything else I will get to listing the items I thrifted last week. Hopefully some nice sales will come in the meantime. School starts soon and we'll be back to a routine, and my goal is to work eBay into the routine with clear cut "work hours."

Now to catch up on lots of other blogs!


  1. Welcome back! Gad to hear you had a nice vacation, and still made a little extra cash while in vacation mode :)

  2. Cool that you wrote a letter to the thrift store manager. Some of them definitely need some help.