Friday, August 1, 2014

July Money

# of Sales

All the numbers below are rounded:

Amount I spent on the items sold

Avg Cost of thrifted item

Amount of Sales

$845 eBay
$124 Lot-e-Da
$19.50 Etsy

Avg Sale Price

Highest sold item
Ambross Rostfrei Stainless Flatware $85

Lowest Sold Item
Sizzix Die Cut $2.99

Other this month:
Two mutual cancellations
GSP sales: 3
Shipping issue (broken items) refund $32
I can list 650 items now
TRS status earned!

Last month’s Goals:

Reevaluate Profit Margin:
Yes, this month I spent much less overall on new inventory, but still bought about the same. The Goodwill outlet has helped with this. I am also not really buying anything over $5.

Concentrate on listing items with a higher profit margin. Yes, but I’m finding these things are slower to move. But that is fine.

Decrease Avg Paid per item Price
No, I did not in fact it went up to $3. Some kids clothing that I sold in lots and counted as one item in the average, even though they may have 10-25 items probably account for that.

Get more comfortable with Go-Daddy Bookeeping.
Yes, I got more comfortable with the program, and find that now I can pay for things right out of my PayPal account comfortably, because I am not worried about how to figure it out for taxes anymore.
Goals for next month:
We’ll be out of town some this month and my shop will be going on vacation mode, so I’m not setting any selling goals.

It is a goal to thrift some things while on the trip though!

Thrift and fill 6 backpacks for a local school supply drive

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