Saturday, August 30, 2014

If You List It..

I'm struggling getting the motivation to list. Listing is my least favorite part of selling on eBay. I generally come back with a haul, start cleaning the items up, taking off price tags, photographing, and measuring. This is time consuming busy work, but I can listen to a podcast while I do it so it is not that bad.

But then it's time to list.. and often those photos just stay in folders on my computer haunting me. Sometimes, if I know an item is going to be really annoying to list (clothing without a size for reference) I'll sit on it for a long time. I also get easily distracted on the computer... (like right now maybe I could be listing instead of blogging?)

So, what is the kick in the butt I need to list?

I need to remember...

If I don't list it, I cannot make money on it!!! So... let's get to listing!


  1. I give myself a goal of a number of listings or an amount $$$ to get listed each day, Sunday-Thursday. Once I reach that goal each day, I'm free to do other things. I will often try to get up early and get it done first thing in the morning so that it isn't hanging over my head for the rest of the day.

    1. That is great discipline, maybe since school starts this week I can work something similar into my routine.

  2. Ahhhh - the bane of my existence! I love to shop for the things I THINK I'm going to put on Ebay/Etsy. It's the only think that will get me up at 5:00 in the morning on a Saturday if there is a good auction, yard, estate sale. I'll go so far as to clean the items and maybe take the photos.

    Saturday afternoon I have these incredible hauls (today I found some awesome vintage lighters!!) and I start researching prices. I will even price and put some things in my antique mall booth. And then phhhhht! I have turned into a hoarder! No really - I have four storage units full and my whole house is filled with so called Ebay/Etsy bound items.

    If I listed ten items a day I think it would take me more than a year to list everything. I have a full time job but a lot of people who sell on Ebay/Etsy have full time jobs and they still manage to have a full shop. I've set tiny goals - one listing a day and it still doesn't work for me. I'm not sure what my motivation will be.

    I do think my hoarding stems from my ex-husband backing up a truck to my house and stealing everything in it years and years ago. I think I've been trying to replace all the treasures I lost. The value was in the emotional attachment I had to those things more than the monetary value.

    And I've always loved to sell things so put those two together and that's one hot mess! Wow - sorry - didn't mean to get all weird!

    I'm going to list at least one thing on Ebay, Etsy, and put at least one thing in my booth tomorrow.

    1. Wow! Four storage units! I bet its fun to go through and see what you've forgotten about though. I think your reasoning for hoarding sounds legitimate. I used to think if there was a fire I would grab my photo albums first (after humans and pets obviously), but now all my photo albums are online and I could reprint them. So maybe I would save some artwork... I'm a minimalist at heart, which is why I get easily overwhelmed with inventory.

      Having a full time job and reselling would be tough I think. Do you think you'll ever just try to eBay full time? That would be motivation to list for sure:)

    2. I would love to try ebay full time - just not ready to let go of my security blanket of a full time job. It sure would be motivation though - if I don't list I don't get a paycheck. My beau thinks I should just throw caution to the wind and never look back - thinks my job is a crutch to my dreams of being fully self-employed. He may be right - but I'm not at that point yet.

      Good for you for getting all your pictures online! What a worthwhile project that would be for anyone!

      I SO wish I were a minimalist! But I do feel comfy with my clutter - or at least it doesn't bother me. As much crap as I have - I can usually find what I'm looking for. My beau & I have an inside joke - some people see dead people; I find things.

  3. I'm hitting that slump too but then they give free listing days and its all RUSH RUSH RUSH