Sunday, August 3, 2014

CD Experiment

I noticed recently when I was trying to track down one of my favorite CD's from when I was a kid, that there are big bucks to be had reselling some older out of print CD's

This was the only one I found - there are anniversary and concert additions that go for cheap I will put this on my BOLO list for myself now because I'm not going to pay $42

I encourage you to look at the sold and complete listings highest price first for some different categories. I'm building up a list of what is selling and going to BOLO for all of them. CD's are super cheap now at yard sales and even paying a dollar or two at the thrift store isn't bad if you can get $15-100's in return.

The CD section is one that I NEVER go to at thrift store. Until today! I bought two CD's and have them both listed for $15. It's my small CD experiment. I'll keep you updated.

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