Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WTE?!?W Gift Cards

I am so confused. I know there has to be a good reason for this...
At first I thought maybe this was a currency exchange thing, but look at the apple gift card. Ships to US from within the US. Is this like code for "I'm actually going to send you cocaine?" Someone please explain this to me, ha!
I did a little looking into this and it seems that most the winning bidders are scammers/using stolen credit cards. But I don't understand the process, I guess because I am an honest person.
To be honest, I wouldn't sell a gift card on eBay now, I don't want to deal with dishonest people like that...


  1. the first 2 it looks like people trying to cover the fees. Apple my first thought was a discontinued GC? Starbucks had a limited edition design selling for hundreds or thousands of $....I think it may have been made out of gold which would make a difference. No answer for the Amazon. I don't sell GC on eBay anymore I take the GC and buy merch to resell. 2 years ago sold a Foot Locker GC and the email was "I don't want the card just send the code" Did send code and immediately had a feeling to use the code (I'm religious and I attribute it to God). Looked (new FB of course) and he had just bought 5 or 6 other GC sent him a message that I was refunding and not sending the code as I felt there was something funky going on. Googled the address....middle of city park...called ebay to report. 6 days later eBay sent me a message saying "if you haven't sent the item yet don't this buyer if fraudulent." 6 days? way to drop the ball? Long story we used the code no prob but GC are a flaky thing. Sorry for the book :D

    1. the comment above with a BIN GC. I did sell a GC at auction with a higher ending price than stated. They never paid.