Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What the ETSY Wednesday?!?

Recently I was browsing for some bath salts and somehow wandered into What the Etsy?!? territory...
I LOVE this cross-stitch saying
 and all the others at Bananya Stand
this one pretty much sums up how I feel about the following...

Did you know you can pay for Spell Casting services on Etsy? (I would be very wary here in case they work!)

You can also buy every product you ever need to take care of your... Beard!

And if you don't know the term Family Cloth, I am happy to introduce you to this phenomena most recently seen on TLCs Extreme Cheapskates.

... and finally if that last one grossed you out don't click here.

Please note if you love/use/make/sell any of these products... WHAT THE WEDNESDAY is all in good fun!!!

Have you come across any funny, unique, bizarre, ridiculous, or silly etsy or eBay listings this week?

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  1. I do know of family cloths. I am frugal but definately not to that extreme. I haven't looked on etsy enough to find anything odd