Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Do You Do?

Sum it up Sunday will be Monday this week because we're traveling. In the meantime, how do you respond to buyers who message you with "pity" stories?

I've had a couple strange messages about illness and circumstances, and I'm never really sure how or if to respond.

My family gives charitably on or own terms. eBay is my business. Period.

Is there a way to politely respond? Or do you generally ignore these messages? I'd love to hear how you handle these types of buyers?


  1. I typically just inform them that I did price competitively and will not change the price....although I run sales from time to time. If it's a massive pity story I just ignore it. I'm right with you. We give quite a bit but this is my business. If I am giving, I want to make sure its not going to a scam. Same reason I no longer check Craigslist want ads. Sick of sob stories. Sympathy isn't really my thing. (I was a teen single mom. I worked 2 jobs and didn't ask anyone for much)

  2. Yes, I just keep the tone professional. I wouldn't even mention their circumstances. I would just say what Grace said.

  3. What Grace said. Keep it short.

  4. Thanks for your input ladies! This last one I chose to ignore entirely, as they didn't even ask for a specific discount. She basically told me her story and then asked if I would "lower the price?"