Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 7/6/14

This was a relatively low-key eBay week for me. We got a bit of hurricane Arthur here in Virginia Beach. It wasn't bad, but enough that yard sales were cancelled, and the fourth of July festivities were rescheduled.

I went thrifting one day, and to an Estate sale on the afternoon of the fourth. Since the city had rescheduled the festivities and everyone's plans were cancelled the estate sale was PACKED - I picked up some stamps, a pair of Foot Joy golf cleats, and a walk-man.

I had some decent sales this week, one being this lot of Barnum & Bailey circus themed party "stuff" - invites, cupcake toppers, favor bags, etc. I got it all at CHKD a couple weeks ago. I had it listed in a few different lots, but someone wrote me asking for all of it for a summer camp party. I jumped at the chance to get rid of it all in one swoop. I profited $47 in the end.

A small sample of the Circus Party Stuff
Another nice sale was this 1995 Hello Kitty Backpack
Paid $2, sold $35
And for Christmas in July I sold this super-cool set of mid mod Christmas notes and seals. They have been listed for awhile but I knew I could get my asking price to I stuck it out.

Paid $.25, Sold $14.99
Aren't those sooooo cool? I had a hard time selling them.
I checked my defects this week. I have two, both for item as described. One I knew was coming because the buyer left a soft positive. The other the buyer left good feedback, so I'm assuming this was a "three star" situation. Pretty frustrating, because buyers have no clue that three stars will ding our defect rating. They think its like "eh, pretty good" when actually it's got the potential to take away TRS status. The good news is I am projected to have TRS status starting next month!
How was your week, and your holiday weekend?  

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  1. Sorry to hear about the defects. On the bright side, those were all pretty good flips!