Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 7/20/14

I did not list much this week, and I did not sell much either! I only about $90 worth of sales (7 items). I also cancelled a sale after an "accidently bid" message. Those are annoying! It was a $40.00 Christmas ornament.

I earned my turquoise star for 100 feedback! That was exciting. I would say I get feedback from one out of every three sales.

Pokémon fabric. Paid $1.20/Meter
I finally got around to listing a whole bunch of fabric. I bought this fabric in Tokyo Fabric Town, the fabric district in Tokyo where there are 85 fabric stores within several blocks! I got most of it for 100Yen a meter, which is less than $2/yard (average priced fabric in the US is $8-$15/yard). This place is a quilters/crafters paradise. We lived within two hours of it before moving a year ago. But I've read many blogs where Australians (and some hard core Americans too) will make an airplane trip to Tokyo just to buy fabric!
I've been dreading it because I knew I didn't have full yards, and it's all cut. So I measured out panels and fat quarters and finally listed it. This is "waiting for the right buyer" stuff so we will see how long it takes to sell. I pinned all the fabric so hopefully it will get more exposure...
I generally Pin my listings that are especially beautiful or unique. I had this stationary listed for a couple months. I went through and pinned some listings that weren't selling or getting many views. This sold within one day of pinning. Coincidence??
Vintage Retro Cocktail Invites
Paid $1. Sold $9.99
I also sold another Walkman this week:
Walkman with Original Booklet
Paid $3. Sold $24.99 plus shipping.
I'm always on the lookout for these now, they are an easy $25+ I just check for corrosion in the battery slot. But remember even with issues some still sell for parts, like this one.
How was your week? Do you pin your items? Have you seen any direct correlation to an item selling after you pinned it?


  1. I do pin my items. Not everything but the things that are more unique. I just got done pinning a bunch this morning. I don't see things sell right after I pin them but I do see items get repined and later sell so maybe it helped. Doesn't hurt.

  2. What a deal on the fabric! I was spending time on Pinterest, but in my case I wasn't seeing a lot of benefit.