Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 7/13/14

I have been concentrating on buying and listing higher value items. Because of this strategy change I am having fewer sales. This week I sold ten items, with an average sale price of $25, nothing to shake your fist at!

I LOVE mugs, and always pick them up for reselling (and some to keep) - but it had been a couple weeks since one had sold. So I was very happy when this one sold within a few days of listing.

Waechtersbach Turtle coffee Mug  W Germany
Paid $.75 Family Thrift, Sold $19.99 + shipping
For Christmas in July I sold this lot of three mice ornaments. The buyer wrote and said she only wanted the one on the far right. It is "Nibbley Do" by Thickets at Sweetbriar. I had already mailed her all three, but maybe when she sees how cute they all are in person she'll keep them.
Lot of Christmas Mouse Ornaments
Bought in a bundle at yard sale. Paid approx. $1 total.
Sold $18.99 + shipping
I had a plush success this week. This is the first time that I've actually made a chunk of change off plush! I picked up this vintage Woodstock with moving parts at a yard sale in a bundle for an average of about $.20
Sold $24.99 to a buyer in the U.K.
Overnight I got a bid on this Pfaltzgraff flatware:
Providence Pattern four pieces
current bid $18.99 + shipping
I usually don't mention items that only have bids, but I bring this up because I am excited about flatware right now. I like the profit margin it brings, and like I mentioned in my last post it's easy to store, and ship.
I'd love to hear how your week was!

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