Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lego Table

This week I made my oldest son a Lego table in anticipation of his upcoming birthday gifts being mostly Lego related.
I started out by thrifting this old TV stand. I went to several thrift stores before I settled on one.  I knew I wanted solid wood so it would take spray paint well and hold up for years to come, but I just kept finding crappy particle board ones. I also wanted it to have doors or a space for storage.
Finally found a solid wood stand at Second Chance (SPCA) Thrift
Paid $22
Then I bought some bright orange spray paint. I picked the paint that will "stick to plastic" my thought process here was, if it sticks to plastic it will stick to wood without sanding...
Halfway there.
It took four cans for a total of $20ish dollars.
Then I contact cemented the two baseplates on top. That stuff is strong and they aren't going anywhere! I ordered the baseplates online for about $6 each.
Corralled the Lego from around the house...
And Ta-Da!
Total cost $55ish
I am very pleased with the outcome!
If you've made something similar I'd love to hear about it, link to pics if possible:)



  1. lego landmines are the stuff of nightmares, though now the munchkin has knex as well im not sure which is worse

  2. Nice! I could use something like that for my 6yo.