Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Money

Before I get to this month's money summary, I just want to mention my trip to the Goodwill Retail Center in Hampton, Virginia yesterday..
Check out that fellow thrifter's haul!
She and her husband brought out two more carts after that!
Yes that building does look familiar! It is an old Target. The inside is split in half, one half being a regular Goodwill store, and the other half being the regional Goodwill outlet.  
I paid $5 for the above haul; Chuggington train set, Leap Pad book, Playskool bugs, Little People, a couple cups, Bakelite spoon, and eye and nose shaped salt and pepper shakers. The Littlest Pet Shop guys were a bust (Happy Meal toys:/) Luckily they charge by the pound and they weighed almost nothing.
# of Sales

All the numbers below are rounded:
Amount I spent on the items sold
Avg Cost of thrifted item
Amount of Sales

I just want to mention that the weeks were all different this month
1 - $420
2 - $350
3 - $190
4 - $515
5 - $50

Avg Sale Price
Highest sold item
Timberland platform boots $80
Lowest Sold Item
Playmobil Slippers $1.50
One unpaid buyer case, closed and credited
GSP sales: 6
One 30% refund on an item that ended up broken -$23
Last month’s Goals:
Add 100 new listings (YES!)
Make over 125 sales (No, but my profit margins made up the difference)
Increase average sale price to $15.00 (YES! to $19.50)
No more $0.99 cent sales!!! (YES! - my two smallest sales where for very small Playmobil items, which I am fine with)
Goals for next month:
Reevaluate how I look at my profit margin (start paying closer attention to how much I spend each shopping trip). Right now I am looking at what I spend on each item sold. This method is not accounting for the duds.
Concentrate on listing more high profit margin items, like flatware
Decrease my avg price spent on items to $1.99 while maintaining an avg selling price of over $15/item
Learn the ins and outs of Go Daddy Bookkeeping which I signed up for this month and am happy with, however I need to get some details worked out

So how was your month? I'd love to hear about how things are going for you!


  1. nice! yeah all the LPS with the platform bottoms are happy meal toys....all I ever find anymore :/ You should do great with Chuggington!

    1. I was excited because I saw how well you did with lps, oh well lesson learned! I always ask at yard sales too no one ever has it.

  2. You're doing great! How are the garage sales in your area? That's how I'm able to keep my average cost per item so low in the summer. My garage sale prices are much better than my thrift store prices.

    1. thanks Kimberly! the sales are abundant because this is a very transient area due to the military. however the items reflect that as well, because everyone is moving and purging every 2-3 years. so vintage is not great, I've started to look for very specific things I sold a pair of USMC boots this month for $60, I paid $4.