Friday, July 11, 2014


So, in an effort to stop buying "junk" to resell; junk that I'm not making enough money on, junk that takes up too much space, junk I'm constantly worried about breaking, or one of the kids taking it out of the eBay closet and losing; I recently made a move towards buying flatware.

The Recyle-ista has a great three post series about "Flippin' Flatware" - I read her post and thought that flatware really fit the bill for what I need. Doesn't break, easy to store, and easy to ship! Not to mention, I really like bringing sets of things back together. Searching through those bins and pulling a set together can be very satisfying!

So far what I am finding is that people don't need/want what I call butter knives but what are technically the "modern hollow knife" - this knife is fairly useless and I can't say I blame people for getting rid of them. The forks and spoons bins at the thrift stores are usually bare, and the knife bin is always overflowing.

A few weeks ago I picked up this set at new to me Thrift Store City. I have avoided this thrift store because honestly it looks totally sketchy from the outside. But I decided to go for it one day, and I was rewarded. I found the below flatware and paid about $4.50 for the set. I didn't recognize the maker, but it had a quality feel to it. Also, I could make a service for four. So I went for it without even looking it up.
Amboss Super Austria
Sold this week $85.00
(I was very happy for this sale because of the summer slowness)
I picked up these stainless and Bakelite pieces at a yard sale a couple weeks ago.
These are actually the pieces that set me towards exploring flatware more. It also had me researching how to fix the red Bakelite I thought I ruined by testing it in hot water. I found the Dish Sisters blog and they saved the day and one red Bakelite fork!
Goodell Co Stainless and Red Bakelite Flatware
Listed very high - I'm waiting these out.
Have you had any flatware successes?


  1. No success yet, but I am excited to get started. Picked up a bag of silverware at the thrift. Hoping it will work out to be worth it!

    Lisa @Centralfloridathrifter

  2. I always look at them but am too scared to take the plunge. Also the reasonably priced ones I recognize as Walmart brand

  3. I've had success with full sets but not with piecing them out.

  4. I have a set I overpaid for and don't know how to ship so its just been sitting there. *sigh*

    Congrats on your sale though - I love the shape of those spoons!