Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This Week's What the eBay Wednesday?!? has a couple of BOLOs wrapped into it.

BOLO Number One
Stampin Up Retired Stampin' Spot Ink

I paid $2.50 for this - I'm listing it for $24.99 F/S for a $18ish profit
From what I can see it is not Stampin' Up inks in general, it is specifically the STAMPIN' SPOT inks that sell so well. They are about 1x1 inches each.
A quick eBay or Google search of the name on the box (this one is Rich Regals) will tell you whether it is a retired color or not. These aren't going to make you a ton of money but I LOVE little things like this that are small, easy to store, easy to ship, and can make you $20 bucks!
BOLO Number Two AND the WHAT THE?!? portion of today's post:
Collectible Hallmark Ornaments
Keep your eyes out for this Hallmark Ornament and you could be $75 richer! 

Family Farm Barn Fisher Price Ornament
There were only two complete listings for this!
I just love that ornament! I came across the listings for this when researching the actual toy barn. I was excited for a minute until I realized its the ORNAMENT that sells for that much, not the toy;) So I decided to see what other Hallmark ornaments were bringing in some serious money...
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Cousin Eddie's RV Ornament
What the eBay!?! I understand collecting, and I understand loving that movie,
but I don't understand paying that much for an ornament!
1980 Cool Yule Frosty Friends
Evidently this is the first in a series
We don't have that kind of money, but You better believe I'll be searching the Christmas section at estate sales more thoroughly now!
I would LOVE to hear if you own any of these ornaments, or if you've ever sold an expensive ornament?


  1. I sold an expensive ornament last year. I picked it up after Christmas 1/2 price at a thrift. It was a cartoon character I didn't recognize Tommy Tophat or something like that from the Cartoon Network. He sold for about $50. It was very exciting! I totally didn't know what I had until I researched it. I also sold a lot of 3 muppet ornaments last Christmas for pretty good money. I can't remember how much. I found them in a mixed bag of miscellaneous Christmas stuff. Ornaments are fun cause they are so small and usually pretty cheap to come by. Thanks for the BOLO tips.

  2. I just checked and I blogged about these sales. Here is the post about Top Cat. Not Tommy Tophat LOL.

    1. wow! I don't recognize that character either, thanks for the tip. I haven't sold over Christmas yet, so I'm looking forward to that. I've got several ornaments listed and just sold a snoopy two days ago (only made five bucks on him).

  3. My son has several of Christmas Vacation ornaments, but he doesn't want to part with them yet. I can't believe how much they're going for now, and they just came out in the last 5 years.