Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What the eBay?!? Wednesday 6/18/14

This weeks WTE Wednesday features some eBay stores that may or may not surprise you...

Tired of sourcing? or tired of running your eBay store? Sell it all at once, like these folks...

This makes no sense to me. If I decide to stop eBaying it will be a giant yard sale for us and the rest back to the thrift stores. From what I can tell this whole inventory is listed and sitting in the eBay store that they are selling.
Did you know there is a whole black market for eBay ID's with positive feedback and good selling history? I stumbled on this underground world when I kept googling "When will ebay raise my selling limits? What will my selling limits be?" etc.
My selling limits are now 400 I have over 60 feedback on my store and over 50 on my personal account that I only use a little bit, mostly for buying. I think I'm right on track considering I've been selling for less than five months. I'm hoping for Top Rated Seller status before the fall. So I have no need for the following:

Click here for original listing
I'm sure this listing will be gone soon, because there is no way eBay allows this...
etreasures is not the ID the seller is selling, its another established ID that he will transfer to the buyer after the purchase.
Did you find any crazy eBay listings this week? And What do you think, are the above sketchy practices? 


  1. Honest sellers that provide great customer service will get lots of positive feedback and TRS before they know it. I had it within 4 months. You'll probably get it the next time they evaluate, which I believe is in August. As far as raising your selling limits, you can call eBay and request that your limits be raised every 31 days.

    1. Yes, they have been raising my limit by 100 automatically every month, I'm hoping the next time is more than 100 - I'd like to start listing more to be ready for the fall! And TRS status by August would be perfect! I have a bunch of youth shoes that I'm hoping to sell for back to school!!