Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sum It Up Sunday 6/8/14

As always it's true the more you list the more you sell. This week has been steady as far as sales, and I'm on track for my monthly goals. My listing goal is to add 100 items this month, and I've added about 40 so far, I had a marathon listing session the other night and listed 25 items. They were items that had been piling up, and I told myself no yard-saling this weekend unless you get these listed! That was motivation enough.
I donated five boxes of excess stuff to CHKD Thrift yesterday. Some of it was "duds" that I purchased to sell on eBay before I had any idea what I was doing. Some was stuff that I bought in lots at estate sales because there were several good items in the lot but the rest wasn't worth keeping or listing. I'm hoping that sending that back out into the world will open up some space for more fun thrifted finds.
So this week in snapshots...

Quickest Flip
(actually was last Saturday)

Vintage Pack of 10 Birthday Invites
Paid $1 sold in about an hour of listing that same night for $7.99 plus shipping
Biggest Sale 
These stood out to me because we lived in Japan from 2009-2013,
and these are totally Harajuku style.
Platform Timberland Boots Women's Size 3
Paid $2.69 at Second Chance Thrift (SPCA)
Sold Best Offer $80.00 Free shipping to someone in Denver.
Smallest Sale
Remember that Playmobil score from a couple weeks ago?
It's paid for itself already and I've parted quite a bit out as BIN
Playmobil telescope sold BIN $2.99 plus shipping
I really like Playmobil so the tediousness of parting out these very tiny toys doesn't feel like much of a chore. These items will bring down my average sale price for the month, but not profit percentage, since I paid about $15 for an estimated 300 pieces of Playmobil ($.05/piece), I'm happy selling this one for $2.99
GSP Sale
I mentioned this mug a few weeks ago.
It sold this week through the GSP...
NBC's cancelled again sitcom COMMUNITY
Troy and Abed in the Morning Mug
Sold $29.99
Plus the buyer paid another $28 to have it shipped to Ireland!
How was your eBay week? How is GSP working out for you? I'm regularly having sales from it (one a week). Were this weekend's sales a success for you? 


  1. I've never seen those kind of boots before. Great flip!

    1. I'm sure they are from the 90s! reminded me of the spice girls a bit. they had been marked down three times from $14.99.

    2. I'm sure they are from the 90s! reminded me of the spice girls a bit. they had been marked down three times from $14.99.

  2. Wow great sale on the boots and the mug!

  3. nice on the Playmobil! I bought a huge box a while back for 20.00 but got sick of trying to part it out. the "obvious" ones (knights, horses, people etc) i put together, then threw the rest together in 2 big lots. 1 sold for 50 within 2 days....the other i am still waiting on a sale.