Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 6/29/14

This week's sales were MUCH better than last week's. I made an effort to list a few items each day and it paid off. I also had a bunch of BIN items that ended. I think this is because eBay sends out "the item you are watching is ending" emails. I noticed a direct correlation between the items ending and selling; all the items with over two watchers sold. This definitely has me re-thinking my recent decision to start using the Good Til Cancelled option. 
I sold two sets of these Villroy and Boch Luxembourg Fine China Mugs
Paid $8ish dollars, sold $50
This set of six sold for $30, and another set of four sold for $20 to the same buyer in Australia. She paid over $80 to have them shipped there. I learned that you cannot combine shipping on GSP sales.

Sealed 1987 Dinosaurs Play-Doh Kit
Paid $.49, sold $30
Picked this up at the Habitat General Store a couple weeks ago (and on the off chance that some higher-ups at Habitat for Humanity come across this blog, your store has a terrible name - no one knows it is a thrift store or even open to the public! - good for me as a reseller, but not for the store in general.)
I spent $90 on new inventory this week. A bit high I think, but I got 15 Christmas ornaments, including an Elvis ornament that just sold on eBay for $40. Mine is NIB. I also bought the stainless flatware guide from Replacements eBay store for $22 F/S as I am moving towards listing more flatware. Speaking of flatware...
I sold this Big Bird spoon after two days for $25 best offer!
Check out the complete listings for Gorham Stainless Sesame Street
I could have held out for more, but I wanted the cash flow!
These are a BOLO for sure!!!
 How was your week? Sales picked up this week for sure, I almost tripled what I made last week. I'll tell you about it in my upcoming June Money post. Did you have any great sales or finds this week?


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