Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 6/22/14

Happy Official Summer! It has been a HOT week here in Virginia Beach, too hot to even comfortably go to the beach! Apparently the weather or some other force has driven away ebayers this week too, because sales were slow, about half what they where the previous two weeks for me. I finally had a few substantial sales over the weekend, but the work week had me wondering if someone turned my store off.

Even so I flipped these Nike Youth Golf Cleats in about two days for a $19 profit!
I stopped by an estate sale Thursday where I bought this
Williamsburg, Virginia postcard circa the 1940s  
I love genealogy, historical books, Jamestown and Williamsburg. I could not resist this postcard which was obviously written to a housekeeper:
"Dear Eleanor,
How would you like this kind of kitchen.
David and I enjoyed it so much, watching them use the old utensils.
We will be home Thrusday night about 12 oclock.
Will see you Friday morning.
Mr. Davies will have his usual breakfast.
Perhaps you better bring bread + fruit and something for you and Louise's lunch.
Mrs Davies"
Could you imagine how much Eleanor was rolling her eyes when she got this?
I picked up this Cross Stitch at Second Chance Thrift this week, I have it listed high at $65.
It is professionally framed, and very well done.
I made $29 off the Cesar Milan DVDs I mentioned a couple weeks ago
So how was your week? Was it slow, steady or great? I was certainly slow for me, but I also didn't list much either. Has it been super hot where you are?


  1. I love the postcard!

    Sales have been slow for me this week but I've been listing very little because of other important stuff. Will be back full steam this week and hope to see sales pick up likewise.

  2. Sorry to hear things were slow this week. I know that can be scary. The entire month of April was like that for me. Whenever things get quiet like that for me, I try to change things up a bit. If I haven't been running auctions, I'll run some auctions. I might put my store on sale for the weekend. I might put the best offer option on several of my items- really anything just to get sales moving again. However, the sales you did have gave you a great profit! :)

    1. Thank you for the advice Kimberly. I did notice a few more sales after I listed several auctions Sunday night. I did not consider the sale on my store that is a very good idea! I'll put that one in my arsenal. Thanks:)