Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 6/15/14

Happy Father's Day!

This week I signed up for GoDaddy Bookkeeping. So far I am LOVING it. I was really worried about taxes and it all seemed so overwhelming. But now with GDB I'm feeling much more confident about it all.

Like I wrote about here, May was my first “big” month on eBay. I netted several hundred dollars after fees and expenses.  That money almost all went back into buying bubble wrap, tape, and other shipping supplies, a Dymo twin turbo label printer (which I LOVE), and new inventory. What little was left over went to the babysitter and pizza night! With this bookeeeping program I can now be sure what my income/expenses are and easily track mileage and too.

It was a good steady week in my shop, and other than the one soft positive, I enjoyed my ebay week. Here are some sale highlights...

Mattel Classic Football 2
Sold $25.00 plus shipping
This had expired a while ago and it sold within one hour of relisting.
Beyblades lot sold $47.00 - paid $10
Sold through GSP to buyer in Canada
These were such a pain. I know nothing about these toys so I listed them as is, as a lot, no promises, parts, what you see is what you get, and priced them low. They sold once and I had to open an unpaid buyer case. I relisted them and got about 20 messages about them before they sold...
can u tell me what u did with all the tips/cores from the HMS beyblades???  they are missing and u need this to assemble thje
im very interested in this lot of yours 
I live in India and i cant bid on it, as you dont ship to india
i need this lot very badly, i go to tournaments and this stuff is not sold at local stores anymore, this is a nice chance to get this lot
Do you think you can sell this lot to me ? I mean it would be very kind of you if you would remove the lot from ebay , and sell it to me directly (no one has bidded on the lot, so i think it would be fair)
or something as per your convenience
please tell me what you think about this :)
Hello Friend,
I would like to buy only a few parts from your auction.
I would like to ask i it possible?
Please could you provide me more photos of following things (check photo)
from othe site  in better quality. blades...
Just a sampling of some of the many questions I got about they beyblades... As I said I know NADA about beyblades, so I was ready to just go donate these. But finally someone understood the "AS IS" and bought them. I REALLY hope they are not disappointed!
Vintage AM Bike Radio with Mounting Gear (Made in England)
My husband had to fix a part on this which cost $1.50, I paid $.40 originally
Sold $12.99 through GSP to a buyer in South Korea
Not a huge sale but I think its SO cool that this bike radio was made in England years ago, used and broken, found in a liquidation company's warehouse sale, fixed, and now it is on its way to Korea!
How was your week?

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