Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sum It Up Sunday 6/1/14 - Money May

For this week's Sum It Up Sunday I'm featuring my first monthly money roundup:

May was my first month selling where I wasn’t constrained by low selling limits, and could essentially sell what I was able to list. I had 89 sales this month or 2.8/day - I'm happy with the amount for my first "big" month - and next month's goal is 100.

I had a huge learning curve my first couple months on eBay. So it was actually good for me to have a selling limit in order to learn the ropes, and figure out the ins and outs of shipping. Once I realized I could use my digital kitchen scale, I saved myself a bunch of money. It originally only cost $12. Just don't leave it on top of the toaster oven because then you'll have to buy a new one :/

It was tough to wait for higher limits and to finally open a store, but it also made me ask myself if this was really something I wanted to continue to pursue. It absolutely is! And I’d like to share my month with you:

# of Sales

Amount I spent on the items sold

Avg Cost of thrifted item

Amount of Sales

Profit before Fees

Avg Sale Price

Avg Profit before fees

Highest sold item
Amana Dado Blade Set
$179.99 Free Shipping

Lowest Sold Item
Several for
(read my post about this bummer here)

Two unpaid buyer cases totaling $44
Both closed and credited

Five GSP sales in May

Goals for next month:

Add 100 new listings

Make over 125 sales

Increase average sale price to $15.00

No more $0.99 cent sales!!! After fees and shipping, I’d be better off donating these items. This is an easy fix, I just will not list anything at a $0.99 auction anymore. I’d rather sit on the inventory for a little while longer than sell it quickly for way too cheap. These several sales (I have about 10 sales this month of $1.99 or less) are seriously bringing down my average and are going to be eliminated.

My Favorite Sale of the Month:

Fisher Price Keychain Lot of Three - Really work!
Sold $26.00 Free Shipping (cost about $3.00 to ship)

The best part is they were free! A guy having a yard sale threw them in with a purchase
of a NWT Vera Bradley Wristlet I bought for $5.00 (gifted to my sister).
Overall I'm happy with my first month selling more than 10 or 15 items. I am learning more everyday, and confident that I can reach my goals for June.
What was your favorite sale of the month?


  1. Nice month! Congrats. I don't understand the $.99 cent auctions. Why not start the auction at a price that you want to sell the item? Or at least a price that you'd be happy with.

    1. Yes, this month I'm totally eliminating the $.99 auction!

  2. Way to go! :) You had an awesome month with an amazing # of sales! You didn't mention it, but what was your previous listing limit?

    1. Thanks! Well I started out with my personal account at 10/month.. ugh. Then 100. Then I started selling on the one my husband and I share which is much "older" the limit now is around 290.

  3. You had a great first month without low limits. I've been without low limits for a very long time, and I didn't sell too much more than you did. You did great! And yes, .99 stuff is a waste of time, and after fees, you lose money. it's one of those tough lessons we've all had to learn the hard way.

    1. Thank you Kimberly! You guys (you and other bloggers) have really inspired me. Thanks:)