Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday's Snapshot 6/14/14

Small load today. Got a late start, and lots of yard salers out today. Thought it was going to be a bust, then I found my first Starbucks city mugs, two for $1.00! Plus a super cool Grateful Dead cookie jar (lid missing).
I got those McDonalds mugs for a quarter. They are not huge sellers but bought them to fill out set.
Seems like melamine does okay, I bought the whole set for $4.00.
and a thousand piece sealed Simpsons puzzle.
spent $17.50
How were sales today where you live? What was your fave find?


  1. Definite score on those mugs! I didn't hit a ton of sales this week, but I didn't have to. The handful I did go to provided me with a van full of goodies including six large bags of yarn to sell in lots.

  2. eh your day was like mine. Late start. I love melamine....mostly because it doesn't break. Most of mine....except for a Pyrex score....was a dud. I did spend quite a bit on stuff for the family (and by that I mean mostly the pets)