Thursday, June 26, 2014

No Regrets


When talking to my mom recently I told her about how I had just found two Rocco DiSpirito signed cookbooks at CHKD. I didn't even realized they were signed until I got home, and started really looking them over. One is glued in on a sticker and one is in sharpie on the inside.

While I was telling her the story she interrupted me and said, "You know I found a signed book once. I don't have many regrets in life, especially about material things, but this is one. I really wish I had kept that book." Of course I was DYING to know, what book?!?

"Well, we were taking the trash to the dump [in South Hampton, NY], and I was doing a little dumpster diving. I always found cool stuff but I never kept it. That day I found a leather bound book that said the Merv Griffin Show on the cover. It was full of signatures, the one that really stands out is Soupy Sales. But I didn't keep it and I really regret that.."

WOW! I know this story sound suspiciously like an actual Seinfeld episode (but doesn't life always end up sounding suspiciously like a Seinfeld episode?) But she swears its true!  I'm going to hope and imagine someone else found the book that day, and it's not decomposing on Long Island.
What about you? Any thrifting regrets? Anything you passed over and researched later but it was too late?


  1. I've regretted selling many things, but only for a while. Right now, I am contemplating listing a lot of vintage baby clothes (mine and my two brothers) that my mother kept. I have no use for them, and they have no real value to me. However, I just can't seem to let them go.

    1. I understand. Sometimes I hang onto things out of guilt, like a gift that wasn't my style, or something I feel like I should keep because it was handed down to me.. but I usually just donate those thing vs selling them on ebay. that would really make me feel guilty!

  2. I once sold an owl on etsy. When I went to mail it I couldnt find it. I had another owl that I had picked up at a thrift store so I emailed her a pic and asked if the new owl would be ok instead of the lost one. She said sure so off it went. Later on I was thinking about the owl I had mailed her and remembered that the bottom was signed. I googled it and turns out it was some famous pottery maker in Italy, and it was a sought after mid century modern piece. Rats! It was worth about $150.00. Wish I had that back :(