Monday, June 2, 2014

My First Return (As a Buyer!) Updated


The buyer immediately offered full refund plus shipping. I'm happy with that because I really did not want to keep the shoes in that condition.

After seeing your comments that the condition was shown in the pictures, I realized I should have looked at the pictures better. I let the description be my guide, not the photos.

I read on an eBay message board to "photograph like there is no description, and describe like there is no photographs." I learned a lesson on this one! But that is good I am always learning lessons with eBay. I will certainly look at all the photos with more care in the future, and not always take the description at face value.

In my own selling I will take more care with my descriptions and always err on the side of caution if I'm not 100% certain it is excellent.

I don't just sell, I buy stuff on eBay too. Today my newest two purchases came in the mail. A DYMO Twin Turbo desktop solution, I won for $81! Yay! I ran the numbers (and listened to all you other bloggers!) and between the ink and the labels I'm very happy with my purchase and the price. I have to admit I paid over $30 in shipping, but I think it was still a good deal.

The other was a pair of KEEN shoes for my son, described as "Excellent condition"

Not too bad...
Fairly worn tread...
Stepped on heels and lots of piling
That was not shown in the listing...:(
See listing here

I paid $13 plus shipping. What do you think? Would you have used the word "excellent" in describing these?

The buyer does have a 14 day return policy BPS. Do you think it is within my right to request the money for return shipping? I bought these from my personal eBay account, not the one my husband and I share and have the eBay store on.

I have to say it made my stomach hurt messaging the buyer, as a seller now too it just filled me with dread. But I also would have never described those shoes as excellent.


  1. It shows in some of the pictures on the listing but no I would never have described these as Excellent Condition. Not even Very Good. I don't know if I would request the seller to pay for shipping or not.

    1. You're right it does show in the photos, and in the future I will take more care about inspecting the photos before I bid :/ I shouldn't have taken her word that they were in excellent condition.

  2. I would not have described these as excellent, but as Nancy says, the wear does show in some of the pictures. She states in the listing that she is an experienced clothing reseller and eBayer, so she should know better. In the "condition box" she put "excellent" so I think you have a good case for "item not as described" and be able to return and get a refund including shipping. Maybe if you contact her, she may offer a discount. Or, if you return them and pay for shipping, you'll still be out some $$ but not as much. In the end, it just depends on how disappointed you are, how much you do or don't want the shoes, and your own comfort level.

    1. I really did not want to keep them in the condition they are in, so I did open a case for item not as described and she immediately offered refund plus shipping.
      Thank you for your advice!