Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lesson Learned & BOLO

I woke up today and saw that I received my first soft positive last night:/
Such a bummer... But as always I learned something.

I was very lazy describing something, and assumed the photos would speak for themselves.
Well, this is eBay karma, remember when I didn't look at the photos well enough last week, and I ended up returning these Keens?

Jamie West Johnny West Series Box Only
Sold at auction with three unique bidders for $13.49
So in my description I wrote: Box Only, condition okay - please see photos. I know, I know, totally lazy. I listed it at .99 auction, and didn't think it would sell to be honest, hence the laziness about it. Still, I thought someone might like it to complete their collection. I don't have the doll only this box which was in my mom's basement (it was free that's why I broke my .99 auction rule on this one) - anyway long story short, the buyer left positive feedback and said "I'm not happy condition is poor!"
I'm letting this one go because I did not describe it well enough. I do wish the buyer had contacted me about a return, but at least they didn't leave a negative. Lesson learned, and I will not list while lazy again. Also I will always use eBay terms like "Acceptable."
On a good note, I had my best sale of the week so far today:
Sony Walkman WM-W800
Holds two cassettes with recording capability
I bought this this past weekend at an estate sale for $1.70ish. I picked it thinking like most cassette-corders this would be worth a good $25.00. After researching it last night I listed it this morning. It sold within 15 minutes of listing for $75 Free Shipping. It doesn't even work and was listed as for parts or repair. Working units are going for $200! So BOLO for this!
I've been reading a lot about poor feedback and stressful buyers lately, here's wishing you a Smooth Transaction rest of the week!


  1. Doesn't it just get to you when it's the item you sell for the least that gives you the ding - or in this case, a soft ding, but a ding nonetheless. I always want to say, well, what did you expect for 99-cents (or whatever price it is). But of course that shouldn't matter because buyers (myself included) always want to feel they got a great deal. When I tend to get lazy about describing something because it may be a low-end item, I remind myself that even cheap items can create problems if I don't do it right. And BTW, thanks for the BOLO on the Walkman. I'd heard they are great sellers, but didn't realize even non-working ones sell for good $$.

    1. Thank you for your comment and encouragement. I'll keep that in mind in the future "even cheap items can create problems" it is very true. thanks!