Friday, June 6, 2014

BOLO and Favorite Finds Friday 6/6/14

Some of my favorite thrifted finds of the week...

Vintage American Greetings complete set
"Now A Word From Me"
Found these at DAV Thrift for $.99, I want to keep them for myself.
I'm thinking they'll go in my etsy store though...
While the Computer Is Down Mug
Paid a $.25 at Church of the Holy Family rummage sale
These aren't selling for much on ebay, but I got it for a quarter and I love it.
It will go in my etsy shop too.
(I've been neglecting my shop lately so I'm focusing on some listings there this week.)
Veggie Tales Nativity
I LOVE Nativity Sets, I never had a doll house growing up and every Christmas I would rearrange the nativity over and over again.
This is an incomplete set there are MANY other pieces, click here for complete sales.
The sale prices are all over the place for these, so I am still debating on how to price it...
And BOLO for any of these Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership/Behavior/etc
For Recent Sold Listings Click Here
Paid $1 at a yard sale
Looks like I'll be able to sell the pair for $30ish
But check out those complete listings for some of his 6 DVD set programs!
Hope you have had a great thrifting week, and that you are gearing up for a good weekend of sales!
What was your favorite find this week? 

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