Monday, June 30, 2014


I've briefly mentioned Lot-e-da before on this blog, but I'd like to mention it again today.
It's a great company owned by a mom in Ohio. The website launched back in January, so they are still new. It's a website where you can buy and sell your kids (or thrifted clothing) by the lot. They accept most brands but it must be in EUC - and like always higher quality brands will sell better.

They have excellent customer service and I've sold clothes on there already. The listing is a bit more involved than eBay, when you do it yourself.  But they are now offering full service for a higher fee. I am definitely going to use this option at the end of this season when I go through all the closets - because I hate listing clothes - so this option is perfect for me.
I love this estimated value feature.
So if you have some kids clothes sitting around give Lot-e-da a try!
I did not receive compensation for this post, just spreading the word about a very cool business owned by a fellow work-from-home Mom!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 6/29/14

This week's sales were MUCH better than last week's. I made an effort to list a few items each day and it paid off. I also had a bunch of BIN items that ended. I think this is because eBay sends out "the item you are watching is ending" emails. I noticed a direct correlation between the items ending and selling; all the items with over two watchers sold. This definitely has me re-thinking my recent decision to start using the Good Til Cancelled option. 
I sold two sets of these Villroy and Boch Luxembourg Fine China Mugs
Paid $8ish dollars, sold $50
This set of six sold for $30, and another set of four sold for $20 to the same buyer in Australia. She paid over $80 to have them shipped there. I learned that you cannot combine shipping on GSP sales.

Sealed 1987 Dinosaurs Play-Doh Kit
Paid $.49, sold $30
Picked this up at the Habitat General Store a couple weeks ago (and on the off chance that some higher-ups at Habitat for Humanity come across this blog, your store has a terrible name - no one knows it is a thrift store or even open to the public! - good for me as a reseller, but not for the store in general.)
I spent $90 on new inventory this week. A bit high I think, but I got 15 Christmas ornaments, including an Elvis ornament that just sold on eBay for $40. Mine is NIB. I also bought the stainless flatware guide from Replacements eBay store for $22 F/S as I am moving towards listing more flatware. Speaking of flatware...
I sold this Big Bird spoon after two days for $25 best offer!
Check out the complete listings for Gorham Stainless Sesame Street
I could have held out for more, but I wanted the cash flow!
These are a BOLO for sure!!!
 How was your week? Sales picked up this week for sure, I almost tripled what I made last week. I'll tell you about it in my upcoming June Money post. Did you have any great sales or finds this week?


Thursday, June 26, 2014

No Regrets


When talking to my mom recently I told her about how I had just found two Rocco DiSpirito signed cookbooks at CHKD. I didn't even realized they were signed until I got home, and started really looking them over. One is glued in on a sticker and one is in sharpie on the inside.

While I was telling her the story she interrupted me and said, "You know I found a signed book once. I don't have many regrets in life, especially about material things, but this is one. I really wish I had kept that book." Of course I was DYING to know, what book?!?

"Well, we were taking the trash to the dump [in South Hampton, NY], and I was doing a little dumpster diving. I always found cool stuff but I never kept it. That day I found a leather bound book that said the Merv Griffin Show on the cover. It was full of signatures, the one that really stands out is Soupy Sales. But I didn't keep it and I really regret that.."

WOW! I know this story sound suspiciously like an actual Seinfeld episode (but doesn't life always end up sounding suspiciously like a Seinfeld episode?) But she swears its true!  I'm going to hope and imagine someone else found the book that day, and it's not decomposing on Long Island.
What about you? Any thrifting regrets? Anything you passed over and researched later but it was too late?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This Week's What the eBay Wednesday?!? has a couple of BOLOs wrapped into it.

BOLO Number One
Stampin Up Retired Stampin' Spot Ink

I paid $2.50 for this - I'm listing it for $24.99 F/S for a $18ish profit
From what I can see it is not Stampin' Up inks in general, it is specifically the STAMPIN' SPOT inks that sell so well. They are about 1x1 inches each.
A quick eBay or Google search of the name on the box (this one is Rich Regals) will tell you whether it is a retired color or not. These aren't going to make you a ton of money but I LOVE little things like this that are small, easy to store, easy to ship, and can make you $20 bucks!
BOLO Number Two AND the WHAT THE?!? portion of today's post:
Collectible Hallmark Ornaments
Keep your eyes out for this Hallmark Ornament and you could be $75 richer! 

Family Farm Barn Fisher Price Ornament
There were only two complete listings for this!
I just love that ornament! I came across the listings for this when researching the actual toy barn. I was excited for a minute until I realized its the ORNAMENT that sells for that much, not the toy;) So I decided to see what other Hallmark ornaments were bringing in some serious money...
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Cousin Eddie's RV Ornament
What the eBay!?! I understand collecting, and I understand loving that movie,
but I don't understand paying that much for an ornament!
1980 Cool Yule Frosty Friends
Evidently this is the first in a series
We don't have that kind of money, but You better believe I'll be searching the Christmas section at estate sales more thoroughly now!
I would LOVE to hear if you own any of these ornaments, or if you've ever sold an expensive ornament?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Silver Plate ?

I found these gorgeous silver plate serving utensils at Family Thrift yesterday. They're selling for about $15-$25 each on eBay. I don't know much about this category and what I'm finding online is mixed. So the question is, polish or not to polish?

I'm leaning towards not because it can't be undone... your input is appreciated!

Oxford Silver Plate Co Narcissus 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 6/22/14

Happy Official Summer! It has been a HOT week here in Virginia Beach, too hot to even comfortably go to the beach! Apparently the weather or some other force has driven away ebayers this week too, because sales were slow, about half what they where the previous two weeks for me. I finally had a few substantial sales over the weekend, but the work week had me wondering if someone turned my store off.

Even so I flipped these Nike Youth Golf Cleats in about two days for a $19 profit!
I stopped by an estate sale Thursday where I bought this
Williamsburg, Virginia postcard circa the 1940s  
I love genealogy, historical books, Jamestown and Williamsburg. I could not resist this postcard which was obviously written to a housekeeper:
"Dear Eleanor,
How would you like this kind of kitchen.
David and I enjoyed it so much, watching them use the old utensils.
We will be home Thrusday night about 12 oclock.
Will see you Friday morning.
Mr. Davies will have his usual breakfast.
Perhaps you better bring bread + fruit and something for you and Louise's lunch.
Mrs Davies"
Could you imagine how much Eleanor was rolling her eyes when she got this?
I picked up this Cross Stitch at Second Chance Thrift this week, I have it listed high at $65.
It is professionally framed, and very well done.
I made $29 off the Cesar Milan DVDs I mentioned a couple weeks ago
So how was your week? Was it slow, steady or great? I was certainly slow for me, but I also didn't list much either. Has it been super hot where you are?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday's Snapshot (Friday Edition) 6/20/14

There were three Estate Sales within a 15 minute drive today, and a yard sale. So I made my route and got shopping. We're going to have a yard sale of our own tomorrow because two of our neighbors are as well, so I figured I'll put a table out with some of my eBay duds.

Spent $39 dollars
Are you ready for the weekends sales? Did you go saling today? What was your fave find this week?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Researching Peanuts

This is my first attempt at an all mobile post, hopefully the formatting works.

We all know Snoopy sells, but I didn't realize how well till now.

So check out the below sold complete listings for : Avon Peanuts, so I will break my "never buy Avon for resale" rule if I see these soaps and dishes;
An adorable hamburger ornament I would have a hard time reselling if I found; A cool Snoopy astronaut doll; Also check out that sheet set with curtains!!!

What the eBay?!? Wednesday 6/18/14

This weeks WTE Wednesday features some eBay stores that may or may not surprise you...

Tired of sourcing? or tired of running your eBay store? Sell it all at once, like these folks...

This makes no sense to me. If I decide to stop eBaying it will be a giant yard sale for us and the rest back to the thrift stores. From what I can tell this whole inventory is listed and sitting in the eBay store that they are selling.
Did you know there is a whole black market for eBay ID's with positive feedback and good selling history? I stumbled on this underground world when I kept googling "When will ebay raise my selling limits? What will my selling limits be?" etc.
My selling limits are now 400 I have over 60 feedback on my store and over 50 on my personal account that I only use a little bit, mostly for buying. I think I'm right on track considering I've been selling for less than five months. I'm hoping for Top Rated Seller status before the fall. So I have no need for the following:

Click here for original listing
I'm sure this listing will be gone soon, because there is no way eBay allows this...
etreasures is not the ID the seller is selling, its another established ID that he will transfer to the buyer after the purchase.
Did you find any crazy eBay listings this week? And What do you think, are the above sketchy practices? 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 6/15/14

Happy Father's Day!

This week I signed up for GoDaddy Bookkeeping. So far I am LOVING it. I was really worried about taxes and it all seemed so overwhelming. But now with GDB I'm feeling much more confident about it all.

Like I wrote about here, May was my first “big” month on eBay. I netted several hundred dollars after fees and expenses.  That money almost all went back into buying bubble wrap, tape, and other shipping supplies, a Dymo twin turbo label printer (which I LOVE), and new inventory. What little was left over went to the babysitter and pizza night! With this bookeeeping program I can now be sure what my income/expenses are and easily track mileage and too.

It was a good steady week in my shop, and other than the one soft positive, I enjoyed my ebay week. Here are some sale highlights...

Mattel Classic Football 2
Sold $25.00 plus shipping
This had expired a while ago and it sold within one hour of relisting.
Beyblades lot sold $47.00 - paid $10
Sold through GSP to buyer in Canada
These were such a pain. I know nothing about these toys so I listed them as is, as a lot, no promises, parts, what you see is what you get, and priced them low. They sold once and I had to open an unpaid buyer case. I relisted them and got about 20 messages about them before they sold...
can u tell me what u did with all the tips/cores from the HMS beyblades???  they are missing and u need this to assemble thje
im very interested in this lot of yours 
I live in India and i cant bid on it, as you dont ship to india
i need this lot very badly, i go to tournaments and this stuff is not sold at local stores anymore, this is a nice chance to get this lot
Do you think you can sell this lot to me ? I mean it would be very kind of you if you would remove the lot from ebay , and sell it to me directly (no one has bidded on the lot, so i think it would be fair)
or something as per your convenience
please tell me what you think about this :)
Hello Friend,
I would like to buy only a few parts from your auction.
I would like to ask i it possible?
Please could you provide me more photos of following things (check photo)
from othe site  in better quality. blades...
Just a sampling of some of the many questions I got about they beyblades... As I said I know NADA about beyblades, so I was ready to just go donate these. But finally someone understood the "AS IS" and bought them. I REALLY hope they are not disappointed!
Vintage AM Bike Radio with Mounting Gear (Made in England)
My husband had to fix a part on this which cost $1.50, I paid $.40 originally
Sold $12.99 through GSP to a buyer in South Korea
Not a huge sale but I think its SO cool that this bike radio was made in England years ago, used and broken, found in a liquidation company's warehouse sale, fixed, and now it is on its way to Korea!
How was your week?

Saturday's Snapshot 6/14/14

Small load today. Got a late start, and lots of yard salers out today. Thought it was going to be a bust, then I found my first Starbucks city mugs, two for $1.00! Plus a super cool Grateful Dead cookie jar (lid missing).
I got those McDonalds mugs for a quarter. They are not huge sellers but bought them to fill out set.
Seems like melamine does okay, I bought the whole set for $4.00.
and a thousand piece sealed Simpsons puzzle.
spent $17.50
How were sales today where you live? What was your fave find?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What the eBay?!? Wednesday 6/11/14

I'm only including one listing this week, and it will surely have you asking What the eBay!?! so here it is ...
1950 Sun Maid Raisin Box
This is just ridiculous
From the original listing:
This  ad placed is accurately published!
Serious Inquiries Only!

This listing is designated for someone to where money is not an object with them someone who has the luxury of placing a bid for this amount it would not squabble over the price
Someone such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Larry Ellison, Sheldon Adelson, Christy Walton, Liliane Bettencourt, Jim Walton, Charles Koch, Abigail Johnson, Milane Frantz, George Lucas, Julia Louis-Dreyfus,  JK Rowling, Herb Alpert, Jerry Seinfeld, Madonna, Yoko Ono, Johnny Mathis, Jack Nicholson, Tyler Perry, Celine Dion, Michael Bay, P Diddy, Paul McCartney, Steve Yzerman , Scott Niedermayer, Bret Boone, Jean Pascal, Rubin Carter, Sam Hurd, Jay Leno, Mark Zuckerberg just to name a few, a percentage of the sale of this item will go towards a couple Michigan charities that provides food and sheltering for the homeless there is enough people that have money to were this shouldn’t be happening in this country,  in the USA.    I’ve always disliked individuals they get so into themselves and forget about the rest that are out there starving and freezing in no place to go so you’re purchasing this item would really help in if you’re one of the celebrities on the list that would be awesome although you are all welcome to bid  on this item this item is valuable to me in its what I feel it is worth if you have to question the price then you should not be bidding on this item

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lesson Learned & BOLO

I woke up today and saw that I received my first soft positive last night:/
Such a bummer... But as always I learned something.

I was very lazy describing something, and assumed the photos would speak for themselves.
Well, this is eBay karma, remember when I didn't look at the photos well enough last week, and I ended up returning these Keens?

Jamie West Johnny West Series Box Only
Sold at auction with three unique bidders for $13.49
So in my description I wrote: Box Only, condition okay - please see photos. I know, I know, totally lazy. I listed it at .99 auction, and didn't think it would sell to be honest, hence the laziness about it. Still, I thought someone might like it to complete their collection. I don't have the doll only this box which was in my mom's basement (it was free that's why I broke my .99 auction rule on this one) - anyway long story short, the buyer left positive feedback and said "I'm not happy condition is poor!"
I'm letting this one go because I did not describe it well enough. I do wish the buyer had contacted me about a return, but at least they didn't leave a negative. Lesson learned, and I will not list while lazy again. Also I will always use eBay terms like "Acceptable."
On a good note, I had my best sale of the week so far today:
Sony Walkman WM-W800
Holds two cassettes with recording capability
I bought this this past weekend at an estate sale for $1.70ish. I picked it thinking like most cassette-corders this would be worth a good $25.00. After researching it last night I listed it this morning. It sold within 15 minutes of listing for $75 Free Shipping. It doesn't even work and was listed as for parts or repair. Working units are going for $200! So BOLO for this!
I've been reading a lot about poor feedback and stressful buyers lately, here's wishing you a Smooth Transaction rest of the week!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sum It Up Sunday 6/8/14

As always it's true the more you list the more you sell. This week has been steady as far as sales, and I'm on track for my monthly goals. My listing goal is to add 100 items this month, and I've added about 40 so far, I had a marathon listing session the other night and listed 25 items. They were items that had been piling up, and I told myself no yard-saling this weekend unless you get these listed! That was motivation enough.
I donated five boxes of excess stuff to CHKD Thrift yesterday. Some of it was "duds" that I purchased to sell on eBay before I had any idea what I was doing. Some was stuff that I bought in lots at estate sales because there were several good items in the lot but the rest wasn't worth keeping or listing. I'm hoping that sending that back out into the world will open up some space for more fun thrifted finds.
So this week in snapshots...

Quickest Flip
(actually was last Saturday)

Vintage Pack of 10 Birthday Invites
Paid $1 sold in about an hour of listing that same night for $7.99 plus shipping
Biggest Sale 
These stood out to me because we lived in Japan from 2009-2013,
and these are totally Harajuku style.
Platform Timberland Boots Women's Size 3
Paid $2.69 at Second Chance Thrift (SPCA)
Sold Best Offer $80.00 Free shipping to someone in Denver.
Smallest Sale
Remember that Playmobil score from a couple weeks ago?
It's paid for itself already and I've parted quite a bit out as BIN
Playmobil telescope sold BIN $2.99 plus shipping
I really like Playmobil so the tediousness of parting out these very tiny toys doesn't feel like much of a chore. These items will bring down my average sale price for the month, but not profit percentage, since I paid about $15 for an estimated 300 pieces of Playmobil ($.05/piece), I'm happy selling this one for $2.99
GSP Sale
I mentioned this mug a few weeks ago.
It sold this week through the GSP...
NBC's cancelled again sitcom COMMUNITY
Troy and Abed in the Morning Mug
Sold $29.99
Plus the buyer paid another $28 to have it shipped to Ireland!
How was your eBay week? How is GSP working out for you? I'm regularly having sales from it (one a week). Were this weekend's sales a success for you? 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday's Snapshot

Loot from garage/estate sales today. Spent $21.05!
What was your fave find today?

Friday, June 6, 2014

BOLO and Favorite Finds Friday 6/6/14

Some of my favorite thrifted finds of the week...

Vintage American Greetings complete set
"Now A Word From Me"
Found these at DAV Thrift for $.99, I want to keep them for myself.
I'm thinking they'll go in my etsy store though...
While the Computer Is Down Mug
Paid a $.25 at Church of the Holy Family rummage sale
These aren't selling for much on ebay, but I got it for a quarter and I love it.
It will go in my etsy shop too.
(I've been neglecting my shop lately so I'm focusing on some listings there this week.)
Veggie Tales Nativity
I LOVE Nativity Sets, I never had a doll house growing up and every Christmas I would rearrange the nativity over and over again.
This is an incomplete set there are MANY other pieces, click here for complete sales.
The sale prices are all over the place for these, so I am still debating on how to price it...
And BOLO for any of these Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership/Behavior/etc
For Recent Sold Listings Click Here
Paid $1 at a yard sale
Looks like I'll be able to sell the pair for $30ish
But check out those complete listings for some of his 6 DVD set programs!
Hope you have had a great thrifting week, and that you are gearing up for a good weekend of sales!
What was your favorite find this week? 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What the eBay?!? Wednesday 6/4/2014

I discussed eliminating the $.99 auction from my business model earlier this week, and there were several comments on the subject. I am still planning on no longer using this format. But thought for this week's What the eBay Wednesday!?!, I'd feature some successful $.99 auctions...

Runner Up - $99.00 Auction Start

Last week I ran into another reseller at Thrift Store USA, she told me she'd found a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes there the week before. These were very popular in the early 2000's because Sex and the City was a huge HBO hit at the time. I think the key here was the use of "Sex in the City" in the listing title!

Click here for bidding activity
Okay now onto the $.99 Auctions...

3rd Place
World of Warcraft... something...

Okay so this didn't start at $.99 it started at $1.00
See bidding history here
2nd Place

A full of tools Craftsman professional series toolbox.
The seller did great with a $.99 auction start, but the buyer got an amazing deal as well.

Click here to see bidding activity

1st Place
This really puts the WHAT in the what the eBay Wednesday... I couldn't even tell what it was at first, my husband had to explain to me it is a signed card made out of a jersey. And yes, it started as a $.99 Auction!!!

For bidding history click here
Wow! I'm still not going to list with a $.99 start price anymore, but what do you think? Have you had any surprisingly successful auctions ($.99 start or not)? My most surprising was a vintage Virginia Tech fridge magnet which sold for $15 with a $.99 start.

Monday, June 2, 2014

My First Return (As a Buyer!) Updated


The buyer immediately offered full refund plus shipping. I'm happy with that because I really did not want to keep the shoes in that condition.

After seeing your comments that the condition was shown in the pictures, I realized I should have looked at the pictures better. I let the description be my guide, not the photos.

I read on an eBay message board to "photograph like there is no description, and describe like there is no photographs." I learned a lesson on this one! But that is good I am always learning lessons with eBay. I will certainly look at all the photos with more care in the future, and not always take the description at face value.

In my own selling I will take more care with my descriptions and always err on the side of caution if I'm not 100% certain it is excellent.

I don't just sell, I buy stuff on eBay too. Today my newest two purchases came in the mail. A DYMO Twin Turbo desktop solution, I won for $81! Yay! I ran the numbers (and listened to all you other bloggers!) and between the ink and the labels I'm very happy with my purchase and the price. I have to admit I paid over $30 in shipping, but I think it was still a good deal.

The other was a pair of KEEN shoes for my son, described as "Excellent condition"

Not too bad...
Fairly worn tread...
Stepped on heels and lots of piling
That was not shown in the listing...:(
See listing here

I paid $13 plus shipping. What do you think? Would you have used the word "excellent" in describing these?

The buyer does have a 14 day return policy BPS. Do you think it is within my right to request the money for return shipping? I bought these from my personal eBay account, not the one my husband and I share and have the eBay store on.

I have to say it made my stomach hurt messaging the buyer, as a seller now too it just filled me with dread. But I also would have never described those shoes as excellent.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sum It Up Sunday 6/1/14 - Money May

For this week's Sum It Up Sunday I'm featuring my first monthly money roundup:

May was my first month selling where I wasn’t constrained by low selling limits, and could essentially sell what I was able to list. I had 89 sales this month or 2.8/day - I'm happy with the amount for my first "big" month - and next month's goal is 100.

I had a huge learning curve my first couple months on eBay. So it was actually good for me to have a selling limit in order to learn the ropes, and figure out the ins and outs of shipping. Once I realized I could use my digital kitchen scale, I saved myself a bunch of money. It originally only cost $12. Just don't leave it on top of the toaster oven because then you'll have to buy a new one :/

It was tough to wait for higher limits and to finally open a store, but it also made me ask myself if this was really something I wanted to continue to pursue. It absolutely is! And I’d like to share my month with you:

# of Sales

Amount I spent on the items sold

Avg Cost of thrifted item

Amount of Sales

Profit before Fees

Avg Sale Price

Avg Profit before fees

Highest sold item
Amana Dado Blade Set
$179.99 Free Shipping

Lowest Sold Item
Several for
(read my post about this bummer here)

Two unpaid buyer cases totaling $44
Both closed and credited

Five GSP sales in May

Goals for next month:

Add 100 new listings

Make over 125 sales

Increase average sale price to $15.00

No more $0.99 cent sales!!! After fees and shipping, I’d be better off donating these items. This is an easy fix, I just will not list anything at a $0.99 auction anymore. I’d rather sit on the inventory for a little while longer than sell it quickly for way too cheap. These several sales (I have about 10 sales this month of $1.99 or less) are seriously bringing down my average and are going to be eliminated.

My Favorite Sale of the Month:

Fisher Price Keychain Lot of Three - Really work!
Sold $26.00 Free Shipping (cost about $3.00 to ship)

The best part is they were free! A guy having a yard sale threw them in with a purchase
of a NWT Vera Bradley Wristlet I bought for $5.00 (gifted to my sister).
Overall I'm happy with my first month selling more than 10 or 15 items. I am learning more everyday, and confident that I can reach my goals for June.
What was your favorite sale of the month?