Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why I Love Etsy

I joined Etsy in 2009 as a buyer. I eventually started selling a few things (very few) a couple years later. My Mom has a huge redwood tree in her yard, which is very unusual for Virginia. The previous property owners were arborists and there are several unique trees. The tree is about three stories high and drops THOUSANDS of miniature pinecones.


They’re cute, and I thought they would make great potpourri, or bowl fillers. I’ve sold a couple handmade items on Etsy too. But recently have been listing some thrifted finds.

I got these PEANUTS cookie cutters at the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) thrift store for $0.99 and sold them less than a week later on Etsy for $14.00 Free Shipping. A profit of about $10.00. I chose to list them on Etsy because eBay had quite a few listings for them already.

The main reason I love Etsy is its simple and streamlined look, and user interface. There is a more relaxed vibe over there too, you don’t live in constant fear of a neg, and fees are straightforward.

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