Thursday, May 15, 2014

What tha eBay?!?

Some of this week's unbelievable eBay listings

Men's size 76 X 45 - These are very large jeans. When listing men's pants on eBay you have to "enter your own size" after size 48. No bids yet, but the seller has a successful history.
Clean of glue and labels baby food jars for crafting. These sold on the 12th. 30 jars for $34.99 Free Shipping!!! I showed this to my husband and he thinks its great and that we're going to recoup 90% of our food costs! Ha! There are many other similar listings that sold for only $0.99 - I think the secret is removing to glue and putting the exact same type of jars in the lot.
Giant crystal geode for $12,000. This listing ended with no bids. I know nothing about rocks, but this one is a "Great Price." 
Have you come across any What tha eBay?!? listings this week? 


  1. I had tons of Earth's Best baby food jars that I intended to list, but I too noticed that all of the glue needed to be removed AND that certain brands and sizes did better than others. When I factored in the difficulty of wrapping each one individually and packaging for damage-free shipping, the costs were not worth it to me so I dumped them in our recycling bin. I can work for much bigger profits and less hassle than that. :)

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  3. Yes I agree I'd rather be out thrifting than cleaning jars. I like earths best too but seems like Gerber medium jars are the more popular.

  4. When I first read your post, I regretted giving away the 2 dozen vintage baby jars that I recently stumbled upon in my garage (stored and forgotten). But then I read the comments and realized it was just as well! Thanks for visiting me at Goodwill Haunting and I always enjoy reading new blogs. Will be sure to add you to my blog roll!

    1. I'm so happy you stopped by! Thank you!