Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What the eBay!?! Wednesday

Some of this week's unbelievable eBay listings…

Gold Mining Claim in Idaho
According to theclaimpost.com a mining claim is: “the right to explore for and extract minerals from a tract of land.” 

I first read about gold mining claims being sold on eBay in this fantastic book: eBay Business for Dummies All-In-One by Marsha Collier, I read it back in Feb when I first started eBaying seriously, and now refer to it regularly.

Disney Music in the Park 25th Anniversary Video
Here is the Description from the actual listing:

“This is it. MUSIC IN THE PARK 25th anniversary video.
The tag says it all....a limited number of these promotional videos were created. They feature all the music from MUSIC IN THE PARK set to video. VERY EXCLUSIVE footage.
As a former Club 33 member, when I showed it in the club they were amazed to see this item.
Please remember this is a VHS video, not a HD production. I just watched it with a few other Disney Fanatics and it brought a tear to their eye.”

This tape has been listed several times over the past month, no bids yet… If I spent $50,000 on a VHS I'd have a tear in my eye too.

Make a Face Pez Dispenser
This item sold a couple weeks ago (not this week) but I am including it because I am surprised this item sold for such a high price with only one poorly shot photo. It certainly doesn’t breed confidence in how safely the item will be shipped. If I had such a rare or valuable item I would certainly treat it differently. I'm sure Ms. Collier of the above mentioned eBay for Dummies would not approve. That being said it sold for a best offer of $1,200.

Thank you Ms Goodwill Haunting for the tutorial on how to find best offer accepted prices in this blog post.

Would you risk $1,200 on an item photographed in this manner?
Have you come across any fun or outrageous listings this week?

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