Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What the eBay Wednesday?!? 5/27/14

Some unbelievable eBay listings I came across this week…

While researching for the lot of wooden train items I bought at an online estate sale for about $6.65 I came across this listing which sold back in February:

Go check your train lots for any of these 17 guys…
That’s $58/train.

I heard you can buy used dentures on eBay (for artists, make-up and special effects people), so I thought I’d check out the prices (for this post not to purchase, hehe). But I found something even better…

Nothing spells class like a wall mounted denture shaped bottle opener!
This sale had four unique bidders.
Christmas on May 26 for a seller in Germany...

Yes, that's a $2,000 Christmas ornament.

This last one had me wondering; if you had unlimited funds what would you purchase? I'd spend my money on travel.

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  1. This was a great post! I have seen some outrageous listings too and always wanted to share on my blog. Sometimes I wonder if they are real, but apparently they are! I love the denture shaped bottle opener - that's what I call a conversation piece LOL.