Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tricky Avon

I can't tell you how many times I've been tricked by old Avon at a thrift store.

Take these cologne bottles shaped like vintage cars I saw on the shelf at
Second Chance Thrift (SPCA) yesterday...
Practically worthless. At least not worth reselling, even though they look old and collectible.
Or these very cool looking rocks glasses celebrating the bicentennial of the Constitution...
A dime a dozen on eBbay.
And again Avon.
Another good example (not Avon but just as tricky)...
This Campbell's Souper Stars cup.
Worth about what the thrift store sells it for.
These are the types of items I made the mistake of buying when I first started reselling.
However, this is also the stuff that generally doesn't make you money on Ebay. It was made to be/look collectible and therefore isn't as desirable.

Isn't it great that so much profit comes from the kind of every day items that we as a culture fell in love with for their design, functionality or usefulness, rather than what was produced to actually be collectible?

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  1. I think my motto should be "put it down it wont sell" if i would give it house room its probably not a big ebay seller . Though i do strike it lucky now and again