Saturday, May 17, 2014

Three Estate Sales and A Personal Record

Yesterday we hit three estate sales. Two were literally in the neighborhood, and we found a few things at both including a bunch of wooden spools. The other one was an hour away, but we knew it was a nice country drive and the photos online promised lots of quality items.

I have the spools listed in two separate lots in my etsy shop

Because of the far distance the third estate sale was still packed with great stuff, despite getting there at 3:00 on the second day.

I picked up two games of UNO Hearts for $2 each. I still have to go through and see if they are complete. I also got three Taylor and Ng mugs for $6 total!!! When we got home in the evening I immediately listed several mugs. Including this Troy and Abed in the Morning mug, from the popular (but not popular enough to keep on the air) NBC show COMMUNITY. This week the show was canceled (again). So, when I saw the mug for $0.98 at CHKD yesterday I grabbed it without checking the comps. My dad is a huge fan of the show, and I thought if it didn't sell I would give it to him.

This show has a huge cult-following, and I am crossing
my fingers for a good return on my $0.98
So along with the above mug, I listed the three Taylor and Ng mugs. I checked the comps and saw the CHEVAL mug had sold recently for $21.50, $22.00 and $49.99. I went with the $49.99 Free Shipping, BIN and was I surprised, that while I was still listing a notification pop up. Your item sold and you got paid! And overnight the other two sold as well. It was a sticky situation, because the first buyer wanted all three, and was asking about combined shipping, and in the meantime someone else swooped in and bought the third mug! Luckily the first buyer was very understanding...
Le Cheval Taylor & Ng in blue
So that was my record. An item sold in less than an hour of listing! It more than paid for everything I bought at the estate sale too.
Have you had a similarly quick flip?

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