Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three Day Auction Success & Bidding Logic

I’ve had a Care Bear’s Vinyl Shower Curtain listed for 3 weeks. I paid $1.97 at a Goodwill in Pennsylvania when I was visiting my grandmother at the end of March.

The shower curtain has never been used, so I thought I could make a decent profit. I listed it at auction for $9.99 and it had a few watchers, so I thought for sure it would sell.

Retailed for $18.00 Back in 2004

Normally if there is only one watcher, I don’t assume an item will sell, because I watch items all the time that I don’t necessarily intend to buy, I am literally just watching them to see how the sale goes. But this listing had three or four watchers for three whole weeks. I was using up the automatic re-listings on the item. Then right after the third time around I got a message “Do you still have that shower curtain for sale?” I decided to list it again for a three day auction.

The buyer who messaged me opened bidding with $19.99. It ended up selling (to her) for $20.50 plus shipping.

Why would a buyer do this (open bidding so high)? I assume she was trying to scare away other bidders? I am not complaining I am happy with the final selling price, but wondering about bidding logic.

Hope your thrifting and sales are going well this week!

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